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July 8th - 27th  2014

Whitireia Polytechnic
Graduate Award Recipient

Caroline Thomas


"My best pieces are often mistakes, the bastard offspring of an original vision that never comes into existance except inside my head. As I make, the materials take over and tell their own story which often involves them taking off down an unplanned path in an unusual manner. I realize this makes me sound like a driver of a car with no brakes but I am learning that if I can recognize a still point in all the chaos, sometimes I can wrestle it into a successful material form. "
Caroline Thomas, 2014

"At Whitireia NZ, final year students develop work for and organise their own mid-year solo show. Students then progress from their mid-year show by producing a new body of work for an end of year group exhibition. This real life scenario brings out the professional attitudes of hard working artists. Within this performance pressure Caroline produced an accomplished mid-year solo show and found new energies to push her end-of-year collection to new grounds. Caroline has a playful and witty approach to materials, techniques and compositions. She treats paint and precious metals in equal ways, regularly producing new materials and techniques that convey a humour behind her making. The irreverent attitude towards her materials is an important facet of her practice that has become her signature. However Caroline still produces serious and considered work. The co-judges Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker agreed that this attitude towards her forms, put together with a variety of non-hierarchic materials, was special and very deserving of the award."
The jewellery feedback team of Whitireia: Peter Deckers, Kelly McDonald, Vivien Atkinson, Matthew McIntyre Wilson
Caroline Thomas

CHIMERA SERIES; Brooch,   $355
Wire mesh, paint, brass wire, steel pin

Caroline Thomas

Wire mesh, paint, sterling silver, steel pin

Caroline Thomas

CHIMERA SERIES; Rings,   $355 each
Sterling silver, brass, copper, faceted glass, paint
Silicon bronze and sterling silver alloy, cut glass, paint

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