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November 4 - 24,  2002

Fingers Annual Group Show

October 1 - 12,  2002

Ruth Baird
'New Work'

Ruth Baird is one of Fingers founding partners and a central figure in the organisation and creation of Fingers reputation for innovation and excellence.
In this exhibition of recent work Ruth crochets and knits unusual materials like titanium and enamelled wire to create her trademark delicate jewellery.

September 16 - 27,  2002

Ben Beattie

The carved stone pendant is perhaps Aotearoa's most precious form of adornment. Literally a unique piece of home, it travels with us identifying us to others and ourselves as 'kiwi'.

Ben Beattie's carved pendants are abstracted natural forms drawn from his Te Henga environment. He has meticulously shaped the soft greens and greys of argillite, the hard blacks of volcanic basalts and granite, and the more unusual colours of pounamu which he has rescued from the discard bin of he tourist industry. Included in this new work Ben uses the colourful translucency of locally made glass as well.

Ben's extraordinary attention to detail puts his work amongst the very best in the country. He lovingly finishes every aspect, including the complicated splicing of the woven cords.
This is Ben's first solo exhibition since winning the national Pounamu Carvers Award in 1998.

August 20 - September 7, 2002

Jane Dodd
'Straw into Gold'

Jane Dodd - Straw into Gold

"As children we are enchanted by the talismans, charms and objects represented in traditional fairy tales. We fervently believe in the magical powers and mysterious properties within the myriad animals, plants, people, furniture and everyday objects portrayed.

As adults this belief is hidden more than discarded or replaced and we are surprised and thrilled when certain words or images provoke memories, and the veiled beliefs within us are revealed.

An aspect of the stories that particularly interested me is the significant role of the objects and animals. These fetishistic elements suggest the jewellery tradition of charms and amulets, which like folk tales, imbue inanimate objects with magical qualities."
Jane Dodd. 2002

In this exhibition of new work, Jane Dodd turns the alchemy of her metalworking skills to the magic of story telling. In presenting these fantastic objects as a collection of charms, Jane offers us sanction to hold them, own them and wear them. By making them attachable to the body through a variety of means Jane invites the wearer to construct the amulet most suited to their needs, and in doing so to tell their own tales.

17 - 28 June  2002

Anna Wallis
'New Work'

Anna Wallis. Brooch. Sterling Silver. 2002

Anna Wallis presents a new series of brooches using her favourite method of construction building with discs, domes and tubes. Still focusing on pieces which are large in scale yet have a feeling which is light in weight, Anna has taken the loose round shapes visited last year and given them figurative structure.
Simple patterns are beginning to take on ambiguous pixilated forms.
Anna's use of industrial surfaces and colour transform cold silver into vibrant reds, slick blacks and institutional whites, layering and accentuating the structures beneath.

July 9th to July 28th 2001

Fingers Annual Group Show

No-names show with invited artists

Feb 12 to Feb 26 2001

Fran Allison
'Assorted Titbits'

An Exhibition of Badges about Biscuits

"chocolate curls, white buttons, cherries, melting moments,
pains d'epices with gilded edging, custard squares, treats nesting in ruffled
paper, small comforts, warm icing, fascinating fancies, sweet temptations... "

Jan 21 - Feb 9 2001

Lynn Kelly and Julie Blyfield

Australian jeweller Julie Blyfield and Dunedin's Lynn Kelly exhibit new work that explores their family histories. This superb exhibition portrays the ways that objects handed down to the jewellers through generations have contributed to their sense of place and identity.
First exhibited at The Jam Factory, Contemporary Craft and Design Gallery in Adelaide, Australia, traces will be exhibited in New Zealand at Fingers.


"In the exhibition 'traces' I specifically referenced my grandmothers embroideries as a starting point: and metaphorically 'unpicked' her designs and reinvented them through my own medium, jewellery... "
Julie Blyfield


"My family has always been very important to me. My parents came to New Zealand from Belfast before I was born, so I've traced my family history partly from photos and letters from 'home', partly from the stories my mother told us, partly from the jewellery which has been handed down, each piece holding traces of family memories."
Lynn Kelly

Nov 27th - Dec 2nd,  2000

Areta Wilkinson
'Recent Work'

16th - 28th October,  2000

Ann Visser
'Cameo of Spring'

Ann Visser

18th - 30th September,  2000

Ann Culy and Rainer Beneke

July 2000

Fingers Annual Group Show

12th to 24th June  2000

Steph Lusted

Steph Lusted is an artist jeweller who is committed to the steady evolvement of her eye, her personal style.
" I'm influenced by nature," says Lusted. "I grew up in the Lower North Island with lots of nature around me. My Mum spent a lot of time helping us to see what was around us, to be familiar with the bush. We were encouraged to explore our artistic selves. There definitely is a strong link between my work and nature".

Lusted likes to research topics and pulls in influences from many areas.
"I'm drawn to opposites: the organic form with the industrial, I look for visual stimuli/striking elements that evolve in the sketching planning stage into a 2D representation of the final product, I am a perfectionist with my working processes, but do enjoy the revelation side of my work. This exhibition is a cross section of my work with areas of science transported to art/insect elements and nature and features a selection of brooches and neckpieces created in resin, silver and rubber."

February 10th - 22nd,  2000

Lisa Walker and Karl Fritsch

"Butterflies wrapped in silver absolutely funk rare New Zealand meat with a bit of German spice domestic royalty contemporary jewellery from Munich the European center of jewellery Ribena"

Nov 29th - Dec 11th,  1999

Elena Gee
'Scratching the Surface'

'Scratching the Surface' - Jewellery by Elena Gee

Brooch. stone, gold leaf, paint - approx 60 x 70 mm

"For some years I have been making jewellery from beach debris, using the random shapes found in seaworn stones and shells.
My new work for this exhibition started with a similar concept but using chunks and slabs of semi-precious stone selected for their symbolic or expressive potential.
These shapes were then minimally altered to enhance the form and make them wearable as pendants and brooches.
Colour, gold leaf and scratched words, titles or comments were added."

Born in auckland in 1949, Elena Gee began making jewellery in 1967 and is largely self taught. She was a partner in Fingers jewellery gallery from 1987-90, the curator of the first Dowse Art Museum national contemporary jewellery exhibition 'Open Heart' in 1993, and has exhibited in many one person and group shows including 'bone, stone, shell' in 1988, and her work has acquired for public collections in New Zealand and Australia. She is currently living and working in Auckland New Zealand.

November 8th - 27th,  1999

Fingers Silver Anniversary Group Show - 1974 to 1999

25th October - 6th November  1999

Cynthia Cousens - UK

4th - 30th October  1999

Tracey Clement

Tracey Clement

'R/V/O 1.1'
monel, sterling silver, hematite, 24k gold -

'repetition/variation/obsession' is an exhibition of limited edition neckpieces by Sydney-based jeweller Tracey Clement

As the title suggests this series of work is born from a single unit which is explored and expanded, repeated and subjected to variations and combinations to the point of obsession. The result is a series of striking neckpieces that are both large in scale and elegantly graceful.

'repetition/variation/obsession' reflects Tracey Clement's primary interests in form and mechanism. The work also examines in a subtle way our perceptions of the masculine and feminine by juxtaposing voluptuous swelling forms with precise mechanical moving parts.

6th - 30th September,  1999

Fran Alison
'Out of the Wash House'

2nd - 22nd August,  1999

Kobi Bosshard

Kobi Bosshard

Swiss born third generation jeweller and silversmith Kobi Bosshard came to New Zealand and settled in Dunedin over thirty years ago. Here, in partnership with Stephen Mulqueen, Kobi Bosshard started the influential gallery and workshop 'FLUXUS'.

Kobi Bosshard's distinctive European modern aesthetics and often controversial ideas have exerted significant influence on contemporary jewellery practice in New Zealand.

Kobi Bosshard's exhibition of his most recent work will include ten large brooches set with brightly coloured glass by Gregg Smith of Punakaiki. Exploring ideas surrounding the flower Kobi describes these brooches as 'not overly contrived ... they are what they look like'.

In contrast with the large bold colours of the flower brooches Kobi Bosshard will be exhibiting the series of bar brooches. These linear constructions are set with sapphires and rubies.

Also of a more controlled and precise nature are a series of rings in which Kobi Bosshard has set precious stones. This is a large body of work from one of New Zealand's leading jewellers.

5th - 25th July,  1999

Fingers Annual Group Show

8th - 26th June,  1999

Ilse Marie Erl
Necklaces of Coiled Silver and Gold

"It is tempting to attach ideas of performance to objects. Inevitably they change over time ... Bodies will be marked by their existance."

12th April - 8th May,  1999

Deborah Crowe
A series of collars and neckpieces

image © 1998 Deborah Crowe

"Collared I", handwoven nylon monofilament, coated copper wire and linen nylon

Crowe's personal work continues to straddle art, fashion and object design (in 1998 she was was nominated in the Object Design category of the Seppelt Contemporary Art Awards).

The exhibition works reference garments, extending ideas in some of the Fraser Crowe accessories currently available throughout New Zealand and in Sydney.

Works feature the unique textile that Crowe weaves from nylon and copper wire that was first seen in a fashion context when Fraser and Crowe won the Evening Post Flair Avant Gard Award and the Supreme Award at the 1997 Smokefree Fashion Awards.

The exhibition pose questions that blur the boundaries between jewellery, Fashion and art.

10th May - 6th June,  1999

New Work by Mary Curtis

Mary Curtis has been making jewellery since 1986. She is currently a lecturer in jewellery and 3D concerns on the Bachalor of Visual Arts at Manukau Institute of Technology.

"This body of work is a continued development of the 'trap' series shown in the Dowse Art Museum Jewellery Biennial, and this new series of rings explores issues of ornament, embelishment and ostentation in the traditional jewellery object.

The objects are wearable but their delicate nature makes it diffucult for the wearer to use their hands, rendering the ring an item of dress jewellery. As in the traditional counterpart a piece that functions as an object for show, status and ceremony.

I am interested in jewellery that surrounds ceremony, celebration and occasion. For this exhibition I have concentrated on the neck as site, creating pieces that evoke a sense of presence and ritual through the use of material, process, scale and weight.

The neck as a site for ceremonial objects has cross cultural references, from the lei to African tribal wear, to the mayoral chain. Apart from the known social and symbolic readings these necklaces carry, they have structural similarities; - significant scale in relation to the body - contain repetition of form - the weight, scale and placement may effect the stance and posture of the wearer.

I want the wearer to be conscious of the object around their neck. To place the object on is to go through a sense of transformation, to enter into a ritual, the wearer takes on a presence and sense of occasion."
Mary Curtis, Sun 7th March 1999

2nd - 21st November,  1998

Crochet Collars by Ruth Baird

A variety of collars crocheted from fine silver thread.

7th - 26th September,  1998

Victoria Jane

LUSH cuff image

Elaborate constructions combining richly coloured glass and silver producing sensual and fluid jewellery.

"In making this jewellery I was focussing on the physical sensation of wearing, emphasising the role of the body. These pieces are primarily concerned with the sensuousness of tactility and weight; the lush saturated colour is to underline this. Tactility. Weight. Sound. A celebration of the body."

27th August - 15th September,  1998

Tania Patterson

Intriguing works incorporating working mechanical elements to produce jewellery of exquisite beauty and function.

13th A- 25th April,  1998

Frances Battersby 'CHOKIN'
Catherine Truman (Australia) 'INVISIBLE PLACES TO BE'

An exhibitions of jewellery in conjunction with the conference "Korero a te Whatu - The Persuasive Object".

3rd - 15th November 1997

new jewellery by Niki Hastings-McFall

I asked Niki what I can say about her work. She says, "... it comes from, but goes a bit beyond, my Pacific influences. Like for example I use traditional shells and things as well as computer parts. You could say 'from seashells to CD-ROM' ... (grins) nah, better not."

13th - 25th October,  1997

new works by Mary Curtis

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