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Andrea Daly

Andrea Daly

'Pearl Face' brooch. Seed pearls, stg silver   $2,500

From 2017

Andrea Daly

Chain. Various cords, pure silver   $280

Andrea Daly

Tag Pendant. Glass beads, garnet, carnelian, sodalite, peridot chips, copper,canvas, gold leaf   $900

From 2015

Andrea Daly

Pendant 2015   $2,400
Silver, a variety of semi precious stones, glass beads

From 2014

Andrea Daly

'Green' brooch    Wood, plastic, stg silver, paint   $1,800
'Pond' brooch   Stg silver, leather, gold leaf, rose quartz, amethyst   $1,600
'Face' brooch   Stg silver, pearls   $2,500

From 2011

Andrea Daly

Brooch   $800
silver, coral
Cross Necklace   $900
silver, coral, ruby

From 2010

Andrea Daly
Rescued $2 Jewellery

Two Way Ring   $500
$2.00 Ring, felt, glass beads, thread
Brooch   $500
$2 brooch, felt, stg silver, thread

From 2007

1   Wallpaper heart Brooch   $800
     gold leaf, resin, fake hair, silver
2   Skull pillow Brooch   $800
     paper, gold leaf, resin, fake hair, silver
3   Dead bird, wolf, skull Brooch   $800
     paint, gold leaf, resin, fake hair, felt, silver
4   Pearls and bird Brooch      $800
     paint, gold leaf, fake hair, pearls, silver

FROM 2005, Drawing Angel Wings

"This is a whimsical body of work referencing the romantic angel figure. They inhabit the world of 'just out of sight' and though rarely seen they leave their traces everywhere through our literature, religions, myths and contemporary media. They represent potential and possibility, the magical promise of the unknown."
Andrea Daly, 2005
Angel drawing Brooches
Tracing paper, gold leaf, ribbon, O.H.P., felt, feathers, thread, hair, fake hair, sterling silver


Red Angel

Waiting For Wings #1

Waiting For Wings #2

Felt Angel

Scaled #1

Heart Angel

Angel Wing Brooches
Tracing paper, gold leaf, sterling silver, feathers, 18ct gold wire




From 2005, Weeds

'Coca Cola Rose - classic'
'Coca Cola Bloom - raspberry, limited edition'
150.00 each
45, 40mm diameter


'Bottle Top Brooch - bunch'
'Bottle Top Brooch - Ch'i'
'Bottle Top Brooch - fuchsia'
$200.00 each
30mm diameter


'Ch'i Bloom', $150.00
'Ch'i Shadow Flower' (felt), $80.00
'Ch'i Shadow Flower' (beads)$80.00
45-55mm diameter


'Ch'i Felt Flower', $70.00
'Pin Corsage', $120.00
'Ch'i Button Flower', $70.00
30, 55mm diameter


'Wrap Stitch Flowers'
$40.00 each
45, 55mm wide


'Pin Flower'
90mm long

FROM 2003

Ex Voto Brooches,  $350 each
sterling silver, gold leaf, pearls, garnets, collage, resin


More Andrea Daly

silver, goldleaf and garnet pendant

silver and pearl pendant

silver and enamel pendant

Andrea Daly # 5, brooch

gold leaf, garnet, pearl and silver brooch

Andrea Daly # 6, pendant

pearl and silver pendant

Andrea Daly # 7, necklace

copper, silver and enamel necklace

Andrea Daly # 3

silver and 9ct yellow gold brooch

Andrea Daly # 1

silver and garnet heart brooch

Andrea Daly # 4

silver and enamel heart earings

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