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Warwick Freeman


From 2021

Warwick Freeman

Baby Bird pendants, 2021. Lapis Lazuli   $2,000 each

From 2020

Warwick Freeman

10 Starling pins, 2020, fine gold, 18ct gold   $600 each

Warwick Freeman

Pendant HANDBIRD black jade   $900

From 2018

Warwick Freeman

Double Jade Ring, Australian black, Siberian green jade   $2,500

Warwick Freeman

Rings, oxidised stg silver, various stones   $1,200 each

Warwick Freeman

Rings, oxidised stg silver, various stones   $1,200 each

Warwick Freeman

Bangle, oxidised stg silver   $900

From 2017

Warwick Freeman

Small Bird Pendants 2017 Carnelian   $600 each

From 2015

Warwick Freeman

Triangle Cuff 2015   $4,500
Wood, silver, jasper, lapis, silcrete dusts

Warwick Freeman

Hook & Sinker, 2014   $1,900
Fine gold, lead, cubic zirconia
Drowner, 2015   $1,900
Agate, silver
Drowner, 2015   $1,900
Basalt, silver

From 2014

Warwick Freeman

Torpedo Bay Necklace   Whale bone, carbon electrodes   POA
Both materials found in Torpedo Bay Devonport

Warwick Freeman

Sinker Pendant  $6,600
Various stones, jasper, petrified wood, greenstone

From 2013

Warwick Freeman, lapis lazuli ball ring

Ball Ring   $1,800
Lapis lazuli, oxidized stg silver

From 2011

Warwick Freeman

Black and Blue Cuff
lapis, lignum vitae, silver

Warwick Freeman

Black Rod and Blue Tube
lapis, argillite

Warwick Freeman

Blue Face

From 2010

Warwick Freeman

'North Cape to Bluff'   16 Ball Rings

Warwick Freeman

5 Colour Slides
cubic zirconia

From 2009

Warwick Freeman

11 pendants, various stones

Warwick Freeman
Alphabet Rings

26 rings, oxidised silver

Warwick Freeman
Face Aches

3 brooches, horse tooth, silver

From 2007

fine gold, silver, paint


More early Warwick Freeman

Shell carving

Leaf face, tortoise shell, stg


Lava Brooch

Maori Ring

Black leaf, burnt wood

White Butterfly

Warwick Freeman brooch # 46

Orange Ghost, corian

Warwick Freeman ring # 30

Jasper and silver ring

Warwick Freeman pendant # 42

corian pendant

Warwick Freeman brooch # 32

paua, resin and silver brooch

Warwick Freeman brooch # 34

paua and silver brooch

Warwick Freeman was born in Nelson 1953. Largely self-taught, he took up jewellery-making in Perth, Australia, in 1972, following two years of travel. Returning to New Zealand in 1973, Warwick initially established a workshop in Nelson before moving to Auckland in 1975.

He joined Lapis Lazuli, a co-operative jewellery workshop, in 1977, and a year later became a partner in Fingers.

Warwick regularly exhibits in New Zealand and Australia, as well as in Europe and the USA. His works are held in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; Auckland Museum; the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt; the Danner Stiftung, Munich; the Helen Drutt Collection, Philadelphia; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; and Te Papa, Museum of New Zealand, Wellington. In 2002 he was recognised by the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation, based at the Stedelijk Museum, who named him their 2002 Laureate.

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