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Tania Patterson

Tania Patterson graduated from Unitec in 1989 with a Diploma in Craft Design majoring in jewellery.
"I am sure it is fairly obvious that it is encounters with nature that inform much of my work, be it exploring rock pools, gathering leaves of different shapes, or watching the native birds in my garden. About a zillion years ago, I was in America at an artist’s talk. She showed us slides of a work where she had seen an old house with the cladding removed and all the black building paper exposed. She had spent weeks cutting patterns into the building paper. A neighbor came and asked her why she was doing it, and she replied, “to see what it looks like.” He said, “That’s a whole lotta work for just looking.” This has stuck with me, as I sometimes feel I am a bit mad and self indulgent in the compulsion to make something that may consume lots of time (and may very well not work out) just to see what it will look like. But, there seems no other way."

From 2023

The animal bodies were made in wax and then cast in bronze, internal copper sleeves were then added, and saddles and packages fabricated in copper and silver. Saddles' hinges open to reveal hidden compartments (2023)
Tania Patterson

Tania Patterson

HORSE bronze, copper, sterling silver 60mm(H)x90mm(L)x 20mm(w)   $1,700
COW bronze, copper, sterling silver 60mm(H)x75mm(L)x 20mm(w)   $1,700
PIG bronze, copper, sterling silver 45mm(H)x60mm(L)x 20mm(w)   $1,500
Photography: Tania Patterson

From 2022

Tania Patterson

Rewarewa Seeds, bronze, sterling silver   $145
Rewarewa Seeds, bronze, sterling silver   $145

From 2021

Tania Patterson

Large frog brooch - Bronze, silver leaf, black paint   $600
Large frog brooch - Bronze, silver leaf, black paint   $600
Small frog pendant - Bronze, silver leaf, black paint   $600
Small frog pendant - Bronze, silver leaf, black paint   $600

Tania Patterson

NB: All frogs supplied in cedar boxes made from recycled wooden blinds

From 2020

Frog Brooches

These four endangered New Zealand native frogs/pepeketua are primitive and ancient creatures that have changed little in the last 70 million years. They differ from other frogs in that they do not have eardrums and they do not croak, they are silent and elusive creature. They also do not have a swimming tadpole stage and carry their froglets on their backs until fully developed. Fossil records show that these frogs used to be widely spread throughout NZ.
Through habitat loss, predation and disease they are now only found in isolated pockets around New Zealand. Archey’s are found in the Coromandel and Whareorino Forest, they in particular are in decline because of an introduced fungus called amphibian chytrid fungus. Hochstetter's has the largest distribution and are found at about ten sights in the upper North Island, these include Waipu, Coromandel and Raukumara Ranges. Maud Island Frogs are found on Maud Islands in the Marlborough Sounds (some have been translocated to Motuara Is). Hamilton's frog is the rarest with only approximately 300 living on Stephens Island in the Cook Strait. Frogs have very sensitive skin and are venerable to climate change and pollution, NZ frog populations have declined considerably in the last 25 years.
Tania Patterson

Left to right: Hochstetter's Frog, Hamilton's Frog, Maud Island Frog, Archey's Frog
Large, bronze, enamel paint, 38x31x13mm $335
Small, bronze, enamel paint, 26x30x14mm $265

From 2019

Tania Patterson

Dog Pendants. Bronze, silver, cord   $250 each

Tania Patterson

Lying Dogs, Scratching Dogs, Walking Dogs, Playing Dogs
Photography: Tania Patterson

Tania Patterson

Pohutukawa Leaf brooches, silver, paint   $215 each

From 2018

Tania Patterson

Oval Pendant on Cord -Stg, Fossilised Wood, Linen cord.   $550
Oval Pendants - Stg, Fossilised Wood, stainless cable   $500 each.

Tania Patterson

Earrings – Stg, Fossilised Wood.   $170
Round Brooch - Stg, Fossilised Wood.   $330
Rings – Stg, Fossilised Wood.   $250

From 2016

Tania Patterson


Tania Patterson

Walking The Dog Brooches - Silver frames, enamel paint on steel, 5.7cm x 4.8cm   $300 each

From 2015

Walking The Dog Brooches
"I have used various woods, a lot of them I don't know the names of, where I do I have put it in brackets."
Tania Patterson

Brooch 1   Silver, steel, wood (paduak)   $400
Brooch 2   Silver, copper, wood $400

Tania Patterson

Brooch 3   Silver, copper,wood  $400
Brooch 4   Silver, copper, wood (purple heart & ?)   $400

Tania Patterson

Brooch 5   Silver, steel, wood $400
Brooch 6   Silver, copper, wood (paduak & ?)   $400

Tania Patterson

Brooch 7   Silver, wood ( purple heart & ?)   $400& Brooch 8   Silver, wood (totara burl & ?)   $400

From 2013

Tania Patterson

Lachrymatory – Tear bottles
Macadamia nut shell, silver, twist to open,   $535
Macadamia nut shell, silver, hinged opening,   $535

Tania Patterson

Lachrymatory – Tear bottles
Porcelain, silver, glass bead, wood,   $535 each

From 2012

Tania Patterson

2 Puriri moths   large $585, smaller $565   wood, metal, paint
Peacock moth   $485   wood, metal, paint
Lichen moth   $335   wood, metal, paint

From 2011

Tania Patterson

1 Black moth necklace   $585
ebony, acrylic, sterling silver, jasper beads
2 Tortoise shell moth necklace   $585
acrylic, padwak wood, sterling silver, jasper beads
3 Gold moth necklace   $585
brass, sterling silver, acrylic, black agate beads
4 Tortoise shell moth necklace   $585
sterling silver, wood, acrylic, onyx beads

From 2009

Tania Patterson

Huia Bird Brooches   $500 each

From 2005

Feather Brooches - sterling silver, enamel paint

Specimens 2005

"This group of work continues my interest in New Zealand natural history and the overlaps between science and art. At the Auckland Museum I came across some drawers filled with dead birds, I was struck by how little they told me about birds. These sad inanimate creatures spoke to me more of my own dead, yet these dead things do teach us about life. I am interested what the static museum display does and doesn't teach us."
Tania Paterson, 2005

BROOCHES; Dead Birds, (Perspex, Silver, Painted wood, 6cm high)
1. Piwakawaka, Fantail
2. Kotare, Kingfisher
3. Pipiwharauroa, Shining Cuckoo
4. Korimako, Bellbird
5. Miromiro, Tomtit
6. Tui
7. Ruru, Morepork
8. Kereru, Wood pigeon
9. Koekoea, Long-tailed cuckoo

Insects (Perspex, Silver, Painted wood, 4 - 7cm high)
10. Magpie Moth
11. Centipede
12. Tuwhaipapa, Giraffe Weevil
13. Ground Beetle

Stuffed Birds (Perspex, Silver, Painted wood, 3.5 - 5cm high)
14. Pukeko
15. Kotuku, White Heron
16. Kaka
17. Kiwi

PENDANTS (Silver, Resin, Paint, 2.5 - 4cm diameter)
18. Kahukura, Red Admiral Butterfly
19. Pepe Aouri, Common Blue Butterfly
20. Pepe Aouri, Common Blue Butterfly
21. Pepe Parariki, Common Copper Butterfly
22. Black Mountain Ringlet

LEAF BROOCHES (Silver, Paint, 3 - 5cm long)
Hebe, Ake ake,

From 2003

Tania Patterson # 167, pendant

silver flowers pendant

Tania Patterson # 168, pendant

large silver pendant

Tania Patterson # 168, pendant (open)

large silver pendant

Tania Patterson # 119

movable silver leaves brooch

Tania Patterson # 198

silver with wooden internal pendant

Tania Patterson # 19

silver tongs

Tania Patterson # 156

silver fern brooch

Tania Patterson # 197

silver pendant

Tania Patterson # 21

silver nippers

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