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January 29th – February 8th  2013

Elfi Spiewack


"According to the online dictionary for Princeton (n.d.), the word ‘fragment’ is defined as a piece broken off - or cut off -
from something else.
A fragment is simply a piece representing an incomplete whole due to the fact that the whole is missing...

- a missing cup or plate ..?
- a missing home ..?
- a missing city ..?

- a missing memory ..?"
Elfi Spiewack, Christchurch

As a response to the Christchurch earthquakes Elfi used the rubble and broken pieces she was surrounded with and added historic texts about the early years of Christchurch, the building of the Cathedral etc, to give them a new meaning or sense by putting them into a new context.
Elfi Spiewack

Large Willow China Brooch   $700
Sterling silver, china, rubber, stainless steel

Elfi Spiewack

Garden City Necklace   $1,500
Oxidised sterling silver, carnelian, brick, pearls, stainless steel

Elfi Spiewack

Prospects of Canterbury Pendant   $650
Oxidised sterling silver, china, coral, cord

Elfi Spiewack

Moorhouse Pendant   $600
Oxidised sterling silver, china, rubber, carnelian, letter stamp

Photography by Johannes van Kan

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