2nd - 14th February 2009

Elfi Spiewack

Elfi Spiewack
"bone, hearth and fire"

bone:       The core, foundation; what holds everything together and gives structure. The origin.
hearth:     Home is where the hearth is. It feels safe and you are drawn here. A sense of belonging.
                Sitting around the fire, telling and listening to stories. The home.
fire:          The Ring of Fire. The fire in the hearth. Fire that transforms, destroys and creates. The tool and passion.
Elfi Spiewack, 2009
Born and trained in Germany, Elfi Spiewack moved to New Zealand in 1999 and is currently based in Christchurch. She has exhibited widely in New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

1  Pin.   3d triangular element,  oxidised stg silver,  bone.   $435
2  Pin.   Pebble,  oxidised stg silver,  bone.   $440
3  Pin.   3d 'flower top',  stg silver,  carnelian bead,  bone.   $440
4  Pin.   Oxidised stg silver,  pebble,  coral,  bone.   $450


5  Long Flexi-cluster Pendant.   Oxidised stg silver, bone, leather.   $380
6  Flexi-cluster Pendant.   Oxidised stg silver, bone, leather.   $380
7  Big Oval Flexi-cluster Pendant.   Oxidised stg silver, leather.   $380
8  Breastplate Pendant.   Oxidised stg silver, 9ct gold, bone, leather.   $1,000


9  Long Bone Elements and 3d Oval 9ct Gold Element,  stainless steel wire.   $575


10  Double Bone Element Necklace.  Coral beads,  2 stg elements,  stainless steel wire.   $465


11  Bone 'Wave' Necklace.  Large bone elements,  oxidised stg,  stainless steel wire.   $500


12  Bone Collar.  Oxidised stg silver,  9ct gold,  leather,  bone.   $800