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Sharon Fitness

Sharon Fitness graduated from MIT School of Visual Arts in 2007, majoring in Contemporary Jewellery. Sharon's work explores the concept of ‘jewelleryness,’ testing the fine line between everyday objects and wearable jewellery. She believes in saving the world one brooch at a time.

"My work revolves around the act of wearing; the feelings and impulses you have wearing, the reactions and comments you receive wearing and all the thoughts and motions that float in between. When wearing a floppy poppies brooch to an opening at Fingers I observed two elderly customers bouncing up and down hoping that I would bounce up and down to make my poppies wobble some more. One of the best interactions I observed was when I wore this piece to our local fruit shop. The lady at the checkout - who was always grumpy - cracked a smile as she watched the winkles wobbling. It might be just my imagination, but I am pretty sure she has been happier ever since that day."

From 2020

Helping you change the perspective on all sorts of things
Sharon Fitness

Mind Switch, pendant,   $445
Rewarewa, vintage knobs and swtiches, aux cord

From 2019

Sometimes in life you need the ability to stop everything. Sometimes you really just need to get up and go.
Sharon Fitness

Emergency Stop Button - wood, plastic, dacron   $320
Emergency Go Button - wood, plastic, dacron   $320

From 2017

Sharon Fitness

3 Splat Pendants. Sterling silver, nylon cord   $320 each
Splat Face. Sterling silver, optional nylon cord   $320

From 2016

Sharon Fitness

Meteors from Space: Earrings or brooch pins - Sterling & fine silver, rubber   $70 each

From 2015

Sharon Fitness

Puddle with Hole   123g sterling silver, polyester cord   $530
Over pour with Drips   171g fine silver, copper, polyester cord   $620
25mls of Silver   254g sterling silver, nylon cord   $795

Sharon Fitness

Wundermeke Breastplate   $180
Silicone, pigments, nylon cord, stg silver, invisible thread, shrinkwrap

From 2013

Sharon Fitness

Black Eye Spot, brooch   $795
Designer felt, iPod Nano, glue, invisible thread, sterling silver, continuous video loop

From 2012

Sharon Fitness

Big long rainbow loop   $355   silicone, pigments

Sharon Fitness

Egg Poacher, 2012   $320
Silicone, pigments, sterling silver, 9ct gold pin

Sharon Fitness

An Injection of Colour, 2012   $215
Syringe, silicone, pigment, 9ct gold pin

From 2011

Sharon Fitness

1 Blame it on the Boogie   $445
silicone, pigments

From 2010

Sharon Fitness

'Floppy Nightshade' brooch,   2010   $350
'Night Star' necklace,   2010   $200
Silicone, pigment, luminescent powder

From 2009

Sharon Fitness

Anniversary Anemone Brooch   silicone, pigment, stg,steel pin, found pounamu pebble   $350

From 2008

Necklace   Silicone, sterling silver   $350


From 2008

3 Necklaces.   Silicone,  Pigment,  Oxidised Silver,  Steel.   $125 each


Necklace.   Silicone,  Pigment,  Oxidised Silver,  Steel.   $125
Tie.   Silicone,  Pigment,  Oxidised Silver,  Steel.   $160


3 Brooches.   Silicone,  Pigment,  Oxidised Silver,  Steel,  60 - 110mm across,  moveable parts.   $210 each


3 Brooches.   Silicone,  Pigment,  Oxidised Silver,  Steel,  80 - 110mm across,  moveable parts.   $210 each


3 Brooches.   Silicone,  Pigment,  Oxidised Silver,  Steel,  80 - 100mm across,  moveable parts.   $210 each


4 Earrings.   Silicone,  Pigment,  Oxidised Silver,  Steel.   $140 pair
Ring.   Silicone,  Pigment,  Oxidised Silver,  moveable parts.   $210

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