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Jane Dodd

Jane Dodd has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Otago and Diploma in Design majoring in jewellery from Unitec.
"In the past few years my jewellery practice has largely pivoted around the portrayal of animals, often with a subtext of how humans are impacting on them. I have created characters and stories illustrating the tension I felt between the exuberant genius of historic European craftspeople and the plunder of the natural world that enabled and sanctioned their art. I want to look at issues of extinction and infestation, cruelty and conflict: issues that arise at every branch of our Family Tree, affecting coral, ants, magpies, elephants. I want to challenge our ideas of animal intelligence, and exalt different sensory strengths and acumen. I want to berate us for thinking we are above or distinct from the natural world. I want us to feel that we are being watched and that stock is being taken. I want us not to get away with it." Jane Dodd

From 2023

Jane Dodd

Pendant - Travelling Case for a DOG - wood veneer [oak and ebony], oxidised stg silver, cord   $1,200
Pendant - Travelling Case for a SNAKE - wood veneer [mahogany], oxidised stg silver, cord   $1,200
Pendant - Travelling Case for a SHEEP - wood veneer [walnut], oxidised stg silver, cord   $1,200
NB: The particular woods are in square brackets because I'm not 100% sure [but pretty sure] - Jane Dodd

From 2022

Jane Dodd

A FINGER (for Fingers) pendant. Lignum vitae, sterling silver, 80mm long   $1,200

Jane Dodd

704, Pendant TONGUE dyed bone sterling silver cord   $835
685, Pendant TOOTH boxwood stg cord   $850
686, Pendant COMB cow bone - dyed stg cord   $750

Jane Dodd

762, Brooch GHOST OF THE TREES lignum vitae stg   $785
814, Brooch AXE Lignum Vitae sterling silver   $500
780, Brooch HUHU pearls sterling silver   $385
781, Brooch HUHU pearls sterling silver   $385

Jane Dodd

812, Ring WAVE sterling silver   $285
635, Ring STICKS sterling silver   $420
813, Ring RAPUNZEL 18ct gold   $1,250
788, Ring LUMBERJACK ox sterling silver   $385
794, Ring ROBBER BEAR stg Peridot   $650
755, Ring ROBBER BEAR citrine sterling silver   $500

Jane Dodd

617, Necklace FAIRY TAIL 3 charms sterling silver oxidised   $520
695, Charm MONKEY sterling silver   $85
742, Charm GOOSE sterling silver   $85
804, Brooch HILLS sterling silver   $335
796, Necklace GHOST pearls Marcasite stg   $300

Jane Dodd

800, Earrings EAGLE EGG pearls sterling silver   $370
749, Earrings PAW studs sterling silver   $160
816, Earrings PEARLY PAWS white pearls sterling silver   $325
817, Earrings GHOST STUDS pearls sterling silver   $220
808, Earrings GHOST pearls Marcasite stg   $220

Jane Dodd

520, Earrings PENDULM sterling silver   $195
787, Earrings LUMBERJACK ox sterling silver   $250
815, Earrings PEARLY PAWS black pearls sterling silver   $325
799, Earrings CLOUDS sterling silver   $220

From 2021

Jane Dodd

Coyote paw pendant - boxwood, sterling silver, cord   $1,100
Polar Bear paw brooch - cow bone, sterling silver   $1,000

From 2020

Jane Dodd

Ghost of the Trees, brooch, Lignum Vitae, sterling silver   $785
A Ghost of a Roast, brooch, sterling silver, bone, 18ct gold, 9ct gold   $1,370

From 2019

Jane Dodd

La Senora brooch - Ebony, sterling silver   $950
Ringlet pendent - Ebony, sterling silver   $850

From 2018

Jane Dodd

Damask Herons. 2018. Brooch. $1500
Cow bone, mother of pearl shell, sterling silver, pure gold, 62x46x10mm

Jane Dodd

Cataract. 2018. Necklace.   $900
Cow bone, sterling silver. 66x245x15mm

Jane Dodd

Huhu. 2018. Brooch. Freshwater pearls, 18ct gold. 28x14x8mm   $550 Huhu. 2018. Brooch. Freshwater pearls, sterling silver. 28x14x8mm   $350

From 2017

Jane Dodd

‘Trouble’ Brooch (Eel). Ebony, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, marcasite   $1,220
‘Duck Study’ Brooch. Ebony, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, pure gold   $1,170
‘Ants’ Earrings. Freshwater pearls, sterling silver $385

Jane Dodd

'Mane' Pendant   $1,420
Limewood, silver, cord

Jane Dodd

Fantail Brooch, sterling silver, 18ct gold   $1,600

From 2016

Jane Dodd

Horse Tail - Cow bone, sterling silver, cord   $1,170
Dog Tail - Cow bone, ebony, sterling silver cord   $870
Scorpion Tail - Ebony, sterling silver, cord   $985

From 2015

Jane Dodd

'Pulpogeist'   $1,350
'I Was He'   $1,200
'Cull'   $1,500
Materials: beef bone, stg silver

Jane Dodd

Neck (Swan)  $670
Tail (Rat)   $670
Tongue (Cat)   $750
Leg (Gull)   $835
Materials: bone, stg silver, cord

From 2013

Jane Dodd

Polar Paw, pendant   $1,135
Beef bone, sterling silver, cord

From 2011

Jane Dodd

Element ring Ag 47   $400
sterling silver, pure silver
Element ring C 6   $470
sterling silver, lignum vitae
Element ring AU 79   $1,250
sterling silver, pure gold

"These pieces are about preciousness and rarity. The works' genesis was Aesop's fable of the Goose that laid the Golden Egg.
We don't miss our water till our well runs dry."

'Mustelid nest attack?' brooch   2011    $1,000 Copper, sterling silver, 18ct gold, stainless steel

'The Precious Egg' ring   2011    $ 950
Sterling silver, 18ct gold

'Runaway Rat Attack' brooch   2011    $1,030
Lignum vitae, sterling silver, 18ct gold

'The Golden Claws' necklace   2011    $1,220
Lignum vitae, sterling silver, 18ct gold

From 2010

Jane Dodd

1  Rebel Bear   $1,980
Sterling silver, lignum vitae, tourmaline
2  The Old Chopping Block   $580
18ct gold, bog oak, sterling silver

Jane Dodd

'Fleeced!' brooch   $1,635
18ct gold, lignum vitae

Jane Dodd

'A Pearly Paw' ring   $500
'Pearly Paw' earrings   $265
Sterling silver, pearls

From 2009

Jane Dodd

1   The Return of the Weasel   lignum vitae, stg silver, pearls   $1,350
2   The Return of the Crow   lignum vitae, stg silver   $1,100

From 2008

1   Acorn Brooch   Pearl, silver, lignum vitae   $650
2   Berry Pendant   Silver, lignum vitae, cord    $450
3   Pine Cone Pendant   Silver, lignum vitae, cord   $450
4   Wheat Ring   18ct gold, lignum vitae   $1,200

Falling Rabbit,  $2500
Sterling silver, boxwood, sapphire.

Hunting Falcon,  $2500
Sterling silver, ebony, sapphire.

Running Squirrel,  $2200
Sterling silver, lignum vitae.

From 2007
Leuchterweibchen Brooches

1   Fox, 2007   $950
     Sterling silver, Mother of Pearl

2   Crow, 2007   $1,200
     Sterling silver, Ebony, Tournmaline

3   Cobra, 2007   $1,050
     Sterling silver, Ebony, Black Diamond

4   Squirrel, 2007   $1,050
     Sterling silver, Lignum Vitae, Pearl

5   Human, 2007   $1,250
     Sterling silver, Lignum Vitae, Diamond


From 2003

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