February 5th - 17th  2007

Belinda Hager
Somewhere in Time and Space

"These pieces are visual musings on time and memories...
-our need to answer the big questions, unlock mysteries
-how our lives are so short on the continuum of time and space
-how we spend our time, how we value it
-how time can appear to move at different speeds
-how we savour our memories
-how memories are triggered - how one can be instantly transported back through time by a scent, an image, a piece of music etc
-the need to make the most of time by making what we do meaningful
-the pleasure or regret of decisions made and the randomness of what we call 'fate'.

The parts of a clock, with names like 'all or nothing' and 'escapement' can so easily be related to the complexities of our lives. It's as though we have a constant ticking in the background, reminding us of our short stay here on Earth. These items, which only function when making up a whole, are analogous of all the facets that make up our lives, as well as our place in the bigger picture - be it our planet or the universe - in which we are very small, but not insignificant, parts."
Belinda Hager, 2006

     PENDANTS (L to R)
FAMILY    niobium, rubber, silk,  $380
PLACE   18ct gold, rubber, silk, niobium, kowhai seeds,  $825
MOMENT   9ct gold, rubber, silk,  $850
MEMORY   niobium, stg silver, rubber, silk,  $550


     BROOCHES (L to R)
STAR WHEEL   18ct gold, stainless steel,  $750
STAR WHEEL   sterling silver, stainless steel,  $280
STAR WHEEL   niobium, sterling silver, stainless steel,  $550
STAR WHEEL   sterling silver, 18ct gold, stainless steel,  $280


     PENDANTS (L to R)
KEY   9ct gold (comes with silk/ rubber cord),  $450
KEY   sterling silver (comes with silk/ rubber cord),  $380
KEY   9ct gold (comes with silk/ rubber cord),  $450


     PENDANTS (L to R)
HEART PIECE   18ct gold, rubber, silk,  $625
ALL OR NOTHING PIECE   18ct gold, rubber, silk,  $750
RETURN TO ZERO LEVER   18ct gold, rubber, silk,  $540
ESCAPE WHEEL   9ct gold, rubber, silk,  $625


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