September 24th - October 6th  2007

PERMIT Group Show

Brian Adam, Fran Allison, Penelope Barnhill, Ben Beattie, Rainer Beneke, Pauline Bern, Renee Bevan, Kobi Bossard

Jose Bribiesca, Sandra Bushby, Barry Clarke, Michael Couper, Mary Curtis, Andrea Daly, Peter Deckers, Jane Dodd

John Edgar, Ilse-Marie Erl, Warwick Freeman, Jonathan Hopcroft, Lynn Kelly, Ross Malcolm, Craig McIntosh, Shelley Norton

Tatjana Panyoczki, Alan Preston, Tim Royall, Elfi Spiewack, Mia Straka, Anna Wallis, Anna Whitley, Areta Wilkinson

Brian Adam

1   'Beach Jade' Ring   $360
     Sterling silver, fine silver, NZ nephrite jade
2   'Beach Jade' Ring   $360
     Sterling silver, fine silver NZ nephrite jade
3   'Beach Jade' Ring   $360
     Sterling silver, fine silver, NZ nephrite jade


Fran Allison

'Over-run' Necklace   $2,550
Ceramic running bunnikins, oxidised silver


Penelope Barnhill

1   Permit my heart to speak necklace   $1,200
     Silver, pure gold, keshi & black pearl, tourmaline, moonstone
2   Freedom of speech skeleton key pendant   $420
     Silver, silk cord, 22ct, tourmaline
3   Freedom of speech earring   $480
     Silver, 18ct, emerald
4   Words to unlock a heart key pendant   $580
     Silver, 18ct, cord


Ben Beattie

1   Piwakawaka pendant   $500
     Kawakawa, cord
2   Karoro pendant   $1,000
      pounamu, cord


Rainer Beneke

'Making Waves' Pendant   $340
(Perm it/ curl curl curl)
Pure silver, braided polyester


Pauline Bern

1   'Gather' brooch   $350
     9ct gold, sterling silver, feather, industrial plastic
2   'Gather' brooch   $350
     9ct gold, sterling silver, feather, industrial plastic, steel cable
3   'Sort' brooch   $440
     9ct gold, sterling silver, cable, feather, plastic
4   'Sort' brooch   $440
     9ct gold, semi precious stones, charcoal, feather, plastic
5   'Scatter' brooch   $440
     9ct gold, sterling silver, bark, industrial plastic, steel cable


Renee Bevan

1   Brooch   $340
     Fabric, felt, glue, stainless steel wire
2   Brooch   $310
     Wood, oxidised silver, image, glue, varnish, stainless steel wire
3   Brooch   $280
     Silver cast chocolate mold, silver, spraypaint, stainless steel wire


Kobi Bossard

Necklace   $2,500
Sterling silver


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