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August 17th - 30th  2015

Otago Polytechnic
2015 Graduate Award Recipient

Antonia Boyle



"My practice shows a natural intuitive response to material. I am focusing on chains, specifically relating them to the body and how we adorn ourselves in different ways and the meanings behind this. I am intrigued by mental health and the idea of aiding this through jewellery that is a puzzle. I am trying to evoke the feelings of depression so that people who do not suffer from depression can begin to understand the feelings that come with it. I believe that people these days use their own jewellery as a talisman in times of stress, they twist their rings and hold onto pendants etc., and they do these things for comfort. I incorporate these ideas into my jewellery by creating the knots in the chains, these become talismans to the wearer, the puzzle in my chains give them something to focus on. The knot is also a symbol of depression itself, and our desire to fix it and solve it. My knots are ultimately unsolvable but they can be untangled to become less erratic, therefore we are still embracing and celebrating the flaw of the knot as we should celebrate our flaws in ourselves."
Antonia Boyle, 2014
Antonia Boyle

Shadow Necklace:   $565
Found Chains, Rubber Spray

Antonia Boyle

Unfixable Necklace:   $620
Found Chains

Antonia Boyle

Soft Weight Necklace:   $530
Industrial chain, Found Chain, Wool

Antonia Boyle

Melted Full Body Necklace:   NFS
Industrial Chain, Found Chain, Gemstones

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