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July 22nd - August 2nd  2013

Lisa Higgins

Hungry Creek Art & Craft School
Graduate Award Recipient


"Lisa graduated with Advanced Diploma (Jewellery) from Hungry Creek Art & Craft School in 2012.

Her work shows an interesting interaction between material and form, she has moved her practice forward having left the confines of school, to produce work that sits well with her ideas and intentions."
Shane Hartdegen

"Someone once told me that to repeat a process over and over and to expect a different outcome is, in itself, the definition of madness... I believe the opposite to be true.

Broken down to its tiniest detail every moment - thought/action and reaction will be different. So influenced, are we by environmental factors and the idiosyncrasies of the human condition, that we manage our existence, but never fully control it.

Continuing to explore form and the preservation of memory ‘Overexposed’ is the result of material led exploration which challenges expectations and control between material and maker, whilst repeated detailing draws the eye to the subtitles and inevitability of change."
Lisa Higgins, 2013
Lisa Higgins

'Overexposed 2013'
1.  Necklace  $520
Rubber, copper, mixed media

Lisa Higgins

2.  Necklace  $495 Rubber, glass, stainless steel, wax cord

Lisa Higgins

3.  Necklace  $540
Rubber, copper, brass, stainless steel, mixed media, wax cord

Lisa Higgins

5.  Necklace  $390
Rubber, glass, thread, 925 silver, mixed media

Lisa Higgins

6.  Brooch  $540
Rubber, 925 silver, mixed media, stainless steel

Lisa Higgins

7.  Brooch  $380
Rubber, mixed media, stainless steel

Lisa Higgins

8, 9, 10  Rings - 3 Strands  $525, single strand  $500
925 silver, rubber, mixed media

Photography by Tineke Jansen, images copyright Lisa Higgins

» Please email for availability, prices subject to change
» Mandy Flood, Unitec School of Design
» Moniek Schrijer, Whitireia Polytechnic
» Paddy Woodman, Otago Polytechnic