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Fran Allison


From 2022

These are the first two works from a grouping titled 'this is now' (you can't believe what you read, stop the world I want to get off)

Fran Allison

Stencil brooch 'this is a coat'. Stg silver, steel, 90mm x 50mm   $880
Stencil brooch 'island retreat'. Stg silver, steel, 100mm x 50mm   $880

Tartin Earrings

Fran Allison

'Modernist Tartin Earrings'. Tin with resin coat, silver   $280
'Windmill Tartin Earrings'. Tin with resin coat, silver   $340

Fran Allison

'Tartin Pearl Earrings'. Tin with resin coat, silver   $220 a pair

From 2015

Fran Allison

'My Place…..' Necklace,   NFS
6 jackets - French F2 Camo - used, 20 metres silver wire, 1 metre stainless steel wire

From 2012

"Everything from a shirt……to a necklace"
Fran Allison

Fabric, silver

Fran Allison

Set   $2,000

From 2010
"Rearranging Nature"

"These days we consume and discard, exploit and pollute at an extraordinary rate. These acts of consumerism,
exploitation and pollution result in environmental aberrations – toxic nightmares, hybrids and mutations.

Some of these are beautiful.

A fascination with this process, and with our tinkering with genetic manipulation and the possible resultant forms,
are the inspiration for this jewellery.

I cast weeds in silver and add blooms of toxic looking paint and resin.
The challenge is to bring together the uncomfortable and the seductive."
Fran Allison, 2010

Fran Allison

'Bloom' brooch   $650

Fran Allison

'Tumbleweed' brooch   $1,050

Fran Allison

'Watch out or they’ll take over the world' earrings   $750

Fran Allison

Domestic Vine   $1,050
Cast silver, domestic china, nickel silver, paint, glue

From 2007

'Over-run' Necklace   $2,550
Ceramic running bunnikins, oxidised silver

From 2006

1,  Joker brooch,  $580,  oxidised silver, miniature card, bottle caps
2,  Club brooch,  $580,  oxidised silver, miniature card
3,  Diamond brooch,  $580,  oxidised silver, miniature card, found jewellery

From 2005

'Random Findings' pins
assorted found objects, silver, 90mm long
$310 each


Clothing Fragments
60mm wide
$80 each


Clothing Fragments
50-60mm wide
$80 each

Red Doily brooch
doily, silver, 75mm diameter

From 2004
"Random Findings"

"My aim is to spend each day in the studio having fun with objects and materials that excite me.
This work is about a process of rediscovery.
I chose to produce this exhibition by working randomly and intuitively.
Through re-using and re-looking at objects kept on shelves, in boxes, on window ledges I have come to recognise that the threads that run through my work are reflected in all the things I've collected in a magpie-like way."
Fran Allison, 2004

1. Findings $560

2. Findings,  $560

3. Baking Power, $490

4. Pie $560

5. Passion,  $490

6. Special,  $490

7. Substitute,  $490

8. Running bunny,  $560

9. Daisy,  $560

10. Bunny crown,  $560

11. Cheers,  $600

12. La vache qui ris,  $560

From 2003

Fran Allison # 2 Fran Allison # 3 Fran Allison # 4

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