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Eszter Szigethy

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Eszter Szigethy, an Auckland-based stone artist, fuses her Hungarian heritage, Kiwi lifestyle, architectural background, and multicultural influences into contemporary jade art. Trained as an architect (Master of Architecture, 2008), her creative journey expanded during five years of international travel across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Over a decade ago, she discovered her passion for Pounamu carving in Aotearoa and established her studio in Tamaki Makaurau. Her work is characterised by wearable, feminine, and sculptural jewellery, drawing inspiration from European aesthetics and architectural minimalism, often infused with the essence of New Zealand's nature and indigenous art

All pieces are hand-carved by Eszter, and all varieties of Pounamu (Nephrite Jade) used come from the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island.
Eszter Szigethy, pounamu breastplate

Pounamu Breastplate. 90 x 30 x 9mm, with adjustable cord.   $620
The elegant design has some concave and convex forms, curving on one side and flatter on the other, it can be worn both ways.
Raukaraka pounamu with a unique green to yellowish colour transition.

Eszter Szigethy, pounamu chestplates

TOP: Pounamu Chestplate. Double-sided, 99 x 50 x 11mm, with adjustable braided cord   $710
The Kawakawa Pounamu used has a unique, blackish stone pattern and a light-green to dark-green transition colour.
BOTTOM: Marsden Pounamu Chestplate. Double-sided, 120 x 60 x 12mm, with adjustable cord.   $800
The milky-green Marsden Jade has a unique darker green and brownish stone pattern.
In her interpretation, the chestplate is like a shield, it represents strength and gives the wearer protection through life. It is quite a contemporary form, carved with the 'less is more' philosophy.

Eszter Szigethy, pounamu pendants

LEFT: Fluid Wavy Toki - Carved from a rich-green Marsden Flowerjade.60 x 27 x 7mm, with adjustable cord.   $530
RIGHT: Fluid Wavy Toki - Carved from a dark-green Kawakawa Pounamu. 91 x 35 x 10mm, with adjustable cord.   $800
A contemporary approach to the traditional toki form. An 'S' shaped wave runs through each piece on both sides in three dimensions, so the piece looks different from each angle.
The curvy detail gives a contemporary feel to the pendant, and is reminiscent of the wavy ocean.

Eszter Szigethy, pounamu earrings

Earrings with sterling silver ear-hooks. 31 x 11 x 2mm   $180 per pair
Super translucent pounamu with transition colour.

Eszter Szigethy, pounamu pendants

Trinity (Circles of Life) Pounamu Pendants.
The three circles of life represent the beginning and the end, the joining of cultures, the bonding of friendship/partnership for life. The three pieces symbolise trinity, together they create harmony.
LEFT: Starlight Pendant. 51mm diameter x 10mm - the concave form is thicker at outside edge and thinner in the centre - with adjustable braided cord.   $800
RIGHT: Starlight Pendant. - Lightweight version with binding over and adjustable braided cord. 51mm diameter x 4mm, a more delicate piece, light to wear.   $530
The outer pieces in both pendants are dark green, almost black Bowenite Pounamu, the middle pieces are translucent Inanga and the inner disks are yellowish Flowerjade.
The colour combination in these pendants with the yellow central disk surrounded by the black rim is reminiscent of a glowing star.

Eszter Szigethy, pounamu pendants

LEFT: Trinity (Circles of Life) NZ Jade Pendant - Ocean. 51mm diameter x 13mm thick with concave form, on an adjustable braided cord   $800
The outer pieces are translucent, greenish and bluish inanga pounamu and the inner disk is a yellowish flowerjade.
This colour combination with the yellow central disk surrounded by the bluish rims is reminiscent of a sunset over the ocean.
RIGHT: Trinity (Circles of Life) NZ Jade Pendant - Forest. 51mm diameter x 10mm thick with concave form, on an adjustable braided cord   $800
The outer piece is a dark green kawakawa, the middle one is a yellowish raukaraka and the inner disk is a bluish inanga pounamu.

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