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Areta Wilkinson


From 2014

Areta Wilkinson

Whakapaipai II 2014   $1,800
Oxidised sterling silver, paua, polyester

Areta Wilkinson

Hei Tio (oyster), 2014, oxidised sterling silver, cotton, $850 each

Areta Wilkinson

Hei Tupa (scallop), 2014, oxidised sterling silver, cotton, $850 each
Hei Tio (oyster), 2014, oxidised sterling silver, cotton, $800

From 2009

Blackbeech and Honeydew Brooch, 2009
18ct gold
Collection of The Dowse Art Museum

Ring,    2008,    $3,500
E ai ki to te tohu o te marena "e kore e mutu te taura herenga tangata'
(With this ring I thee wed in the belief that a persons bond can never be severed)
22ct yellow gold
Korero,    2008
Audio CD

Areta Wilkinson
Memory Aid Toggles, 2009

Memory Aid VII   silver, enamel stg silver, W56mm x H20mm x D10mm   $450
Memory Aid VIII   silver, enamel stg silver, W75mm x H16mm x D9mm   $450
Memory Aid IX   silver, enamel stg silver, W73mm x H16mm X D9mm   $450
Memory Aid X   silver, enamel stg silver, W57mm x H15mm x D9mm   $450

From 2007

From 'Takapau Will Travel'
Kia Mua Ki Muri', 2005   $3500
Monel 400, 9ct gold, brass, paint, wood, glass
image Studio La Gonda

From 2006

1 - 4,  Tini Eyes brooch (small),  $400,  found cake tin, stg silver, 9ct gold
5 - 7,  Tini Eyes brooch (large),  $600,  found cake tin, stg silver, 9ct gold


from "journey-work" 2006


Found labels, stg silver, 9ct gold pin, polyester thread

1)  Robinu'ul Spread
2)  Mosgiel "A'AE'OO"
3)  Mosgiel Pure Wool
4)  Kaiapoi Woollen MFG. Company
5)  Kaiapoi Clan
6)  Princess Blanket
7)  Kaiapoi All Pure Wool I
8)  Kaiapoi All Pure Wool II
9)  Kaiapoi Pure Wool
10)  Kaiapoi Pure Virgin Wool


from "Legere to gather"  2005

"Fabricated silver plants build on earlier investigations of colonisation and identity. Legere is Latin the language of taxonomy, Legere To Gather is a gathering of stimuli and the exhibition a celebration of process.
New works were developed from a range of visual and research sources relating to the botanical collecting on Cooks first 1769 voyage to New Zealand. They included original Banks and Solander plant specimens housed in Auckland Museum and Lincoln herbariums, Sydney Parkinson etchings, botanical photographs painting and drawings, my own pressed plant specimens and material experiments."
Areta Wilkinson, 2005

Pohutukawa, Metrosideros excelsa, Christmas Tree
Brooches, 2004

Oxidised stg silver
W145mm x H105mm

Oxidised stg silver
W107mm x H40mm

Oxidised stg silver, 9ct gold
W55mm x H20mm

Aerial root
Oxidised stg silver, 9ct gold
W45mm x H292mm

Eleocharis acuta, Spike rush
Brooch, 2004
Oxidised stg silver, 9ct gold
W170mm x H42mm

Namunamu, Geranium microphyllum,
Cranesbill Pins, 2004
Oxidised stg silver, 9ct gold
Largest W36mm x H127mm$375.00 ea

Waewaekaka, Gleichenia dicarpa,
Tangle fern Brooch, 2004
Stg silver, 9ct gold
W140mm x H75mm


From 2003

Carved Brooches,  $450 each
Kauri, white paint, sterling silver, copper and wax.


more early Areta Wilkinson

Areta Wilkinson # 47

Silver Dandelion pendant

Areta Wilkinson # 37

Silver Matipo pendant

Areta Wilkinson # 61

Wooden pendant

Areta Wilkinson # 63

Wooden pendant

Areta Wilkinson

Putiputi ring, silver

Areta Wilkinson

Putiputi ring, silver


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