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Anna Wallis


Anna Wallis studied at Dunedin Polytechnic under Kobi Bosshard and Georg Beer graduating in 1992. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally since the 1990’s, and her work is held in permanent collections at the Dowse and Auckland Museum. Wallis considers making jewellery as an exercise in building or growing objects. She uses a process-based methodology where the economy of construction is of primary concern. Working mainly in metal, the outcomes are inextricably connected with how the pieces are constructed. Playing with scale, structure and surface treatments, there is a common thread of repetition throughout her works. Her piece's reference traditional jewellery while simultaneously siting machinery, architecture and crystalline or geological forms.

From 2023

Anna Wallis

Brain Scramble #2 Shelf (with nail), copper   $$1,500
Silhouette Shelf with removable plate (with nail), copper   $$1,500

From 2022

Anna Wallis

Ring, 'Circles' 18ct gold   $1,580
Ring, 'Crystal' 18ct gold   $2,400
Ring, 'Layer' 18ct gold   $2,200

Anna Wallis

Pendant, small wire, stg silver   $380
Pendant, small wire, 9ct gold   $540

Anna Wallis

Brooch, 'Plains', round, stg silver   $850
Brooch, 'Plains', oval, oxidized stg silver   $750

Anna Wallis

Earrings, 'Dot' oxidized stg silver   $450
Earrings, 'Pacific' stg silver, 9ct gold   $350

From 2021

Anna Wallis

Whatnot #2 (shelf) Copper & sterling silver with sterling silver nail   $900
Stack ring 18ct gold size Q   $920
Layer ring 18ct gold size N   $2,200
Circles ring 18ct gold size R 1/4   $1,580/p>

From 2020

Anna Wallis

Whatnot - oxidised sterling silver shelf, copper pendant   $1,500

Anna Wallis

Ring - 18ct band   $900
Ring - 18ct O   $1,000

From 2018

Anna Wallis

‘Still Life’ brooches , stg silver oxidised   $380 each

From 2017

Anna Wallis

Construction Brooches, oxidised sterling silver
Zone 1 Brooch, $1,600    Zone 2 Brooch, $1,600    Zone 3 Brooch,    $1,200
Zone 4 Brooch $980    Zone 5 Brooch $700    Zone 6 Brooch $450

From 2016

Anna Wallis

Crystal Pendants - Stg silver, nylon   $480 each
Cords are inter-changeable

From 2015

Anna Wallis

Crystal rings   $2,100 each
18ct gold

From 2010

Anna Wallis

1  machine brooch   $450
sterling / black powdercoat
2  machine brooch   $450
sterling / black powdercoat
3  machine brooch   $450
sterling / white powdercoat
4  large gold crystal brooch   $4,800
18ct gold

From 2008

1   Topography Brooch   Red Acrylic, oxidised silver   $850
2   Silver Crystal Cluster Pendant   $600
3   Clear Plastic Crystal Cluster Pendant    $450
4,5   Red and Black Cords with Crystal Ends   $50 ea


Dendrochronology Brooch  $2200
Sterling silver


Large Crystal Pendant  $1200
Sterling silver


From 2007

1   'Drip' brooch   $900
     Oxidised sterling silver 2   'Crystal' brooch   $400
     Sterling silver
3   'Machine' brooch   $350
     Sterling silver, white powdercoat 4   'Plains' brooch   $480
     Oxidised sterling silver


2004 Crystal Series

No 119, Brooch, 18ct gold, $1,700

No 121, Brooch, stg silver, paint, $450

No 130, Brooch, ebony and stg silver, $850

No 120, Brooch, ebony and stg silver, $850

No 126, Ring, 18ct gold, $800

No 132, Brooch, 18ct gold, stg silver, $700

No 131, Brooch, ebony and stg silver, $450

No 124, Ring, oxidised stg silver, $300

No 128, Ring, 18 ct gold, $650

From 2003

Anna Wallis Anna Wallis Anna Wallis
Anna Wallis Anna Wallis Anna Wallis
Anna Wallis Anna Wallis Anna Wallis

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