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Penelope Barnhill


From 2016

Penelope Barnhill

Death and the Dance necklace- blackened silver, 24ct, scoria   $1,900
Death and the Dance hooks- blackened silver, 24ct   $455

Penelope Barnhill

Rose Tinted Porthole necklace - Silver, 18ct, amethyst   $1,400
Sorceress ring - Citrine, silver, 18ct, 22ct yellow gold   $1,800
Enchanted Garden ring - Morganite, rubies, silver, 18ct yellow gold   $1,020
Enchanted Garden ring - African garnet, sapphires, silver, 18ct yellow   $1,050
Midnight Manuka ring - African garnet, sapphires, silver, 18ct, 24ct   $1,000

From 2015

Penelope Barnhill

Rose Quartz Cushion Ring   Silver,18ct & 9ct gold   $1,500
Rose Quartz Oval Medieval Ring   Silver, 18ct gold   $1,550
White Topaz 6 Foot Under Ring   Silver, 24ct gold   $750
Iolite Cushion Ring   Silver, 24ct gold   $1,230
White Sapphire Manuka Ring   18ct & 9ct rose gold   $2,090

From 2014

Penelope Barnhill

Primavera Necklace   Silver, 24ct & 18ct gold, garnet, sunstone   $1,180
Primavera Earrings   Silver, 24ct gold, pearl, emeralds   $600
Promise Earrings   Silver   $115
Promise Earrings   Silver, 22ct gold   $240
On a Promise Earrings   Silver, 24ct gold, peach pearls   $280

Penelope Barnhill

Minerva Ring   Silver, 24ct gold Salmon tourmaline   $2,200
Pomana Ring   Amethyst silver, 24ct gold   $1,420
Nobility Ring   Amethyst, silver, 24ct gold   $1,420
Maiden, Ring   Rhodolite garnet, marquise, sapphires silver, 24ct gold   $900

Penelope Barnhill

Chloris Ring   Blue zircon, green tourmaline, silver, 24ct gold   $1,900
Chloris Ring   Pale pink sapphire, pink sapphire 9ct & 18ct red gold, silver   $1,000
Chloris Ring   African garnet, tourmaline, silver, 18ct gold   $500
Medieval Ring   Red spinel, silver, 24ct gold   $4,000

From 2013

Penelope Barnhill

Moonlight Manuka necklace,   $1,980
Silver, 24ct gold

Penelope Barnhill

Moonlight Manuka ear hooks
Silver, copper, 24ct gold   $200
Silver, 24ct gold, African garnet   $690
Silver, 24ct gold, movganite   $720
Silver, 24ct gold   $650

Penelope Barnhill

Ring, Demantoil garnet, 24ct gold, 18ct white gold,   $3,200
Ring, Green tourmaline, 24ct, 18ct yellow gold, 9ct, 18ct white gold,   $5,080
Ring, African garnet, Silver, 24ct, 18ct gold,   $1,200

From 2012

Penelope Barnhill

Within & beyond Rosary   $1,080
Sea tumbled stone, silver, copper, 24ct gold, aventurine

Penelope Barnhill

Temple within hooks earrings
Copper, silver, cultured pearls   $220   copper, silver, garnet   $260   18ct gold, silver, copper, emeralds   $580

Penelope Barnhill

Eclipse bangles
Silver, copper with wishbone   $300   silver, copper with padlock   $350silver, copper with locket   $190

Penelope Barnhill

Amethyst ring   18ct, 24ct, silver   $1,930
Tourmaline ring   18ct, 24ct, silver   $1,775
Green Tourmaline moat ring   silver, 18ct & 22ct gold   $1,100

From 2011

Penelope Barnhill

Silent Snow - pendant,   silver, 24ct gold, natural white topaz   $380
Blood on Snowflake necklace,   silver, garnet, fine silver   $280
Beauty Between Snowflake necklace,   silver, fine silver, fine gold, natural blue topaz   $480
Snowflake 3D earrings,   (thicker) sterling silver   $280
Snowflake 3D earrings,   sterling silver   $200

Penelope Barnhill

White Princess-Cut Topaz Ring,   sterling silver, 18ct, size R1/2   $550
18ct and Silver rose quartz ring, size Q1/2 $1,200
Sterling silver and 18ct Amethyst ring, size O1/2   $500
18ct and silver claw ring with chrysophase, size R1/2 $1,150

From 2010

Penelope Barnhill

'Cherry Blossom Bunch' necklace   $990   Silver and copper
'Cherry Blossom Bunch' bracelet   $690   Silver 18ct gold and copper

Penelope Barnhill

'Cherry Blossom' earrings  (L to R)
1. Silver  $185 pr    2. Silver, 18ct gold and copper  $490 pr    3. Silver, 18ct gold and copper  $490 pr   
4. Fine gold and 18ct gold  $1,380 pr    5. Silver and copper  $150 pr    6. Copper  $150 pr

From 2009

Penelope Barnhill

Buttercup Necklace,   Fire opals, 24ct gold, 18ct gold   $1,200

Penelope Barnhill

Necklace,   Rarotongan black pearl and natural Keshi pearl, 24ct gold, 18ct gold, 9ct gold
shell, coral, silver, carnelian   $1,200

From 2008

1   Frozen Time Necklace, Silver, 18ct gold   $1,200
2   Frozen Time Ring,  Silver, 18ct gold     $900
3   Ice Flower earring,  Silver   $160 pr
4   Hanging Ice Flower earring,  Silver, 18ct gold   $240 pr
5   Hanging double Ice Flower earring,  Silver   $340 pr

From 2007

1   Permit my heart to speak necklace   $1,200
     Silver, pure gold, keshi & black pearl, tourmaline, moonstone
2   Freedom of speech skeleton key pendant   $420
     Silver, silk cord, 22ct, tourmaline
3   Freedom of speech earring   $480
     Silver, 18ct, emerald
4   Words to unlock a heart key pendant   $580
     Silver, 18ct, cord

From 2003

Penelope Barnhill # 3

silver and copper necklace

Penelope Barnhill # 398

silver, ribbon and dried rose petal

Penelope Barnhill # 404

rose prison earings

Penelope Barnhill # 403

copper rose earings

Penelope Barnhill # 441

24ct, 18ct gold and black pearl earings

Penelope Barnhill # 357

24ct gold and silver bellflower earings

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