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Mia Straka


"The first 'proper' piece of jewellery I made was with the help of a local jeweller for a design project at school. Using tools and metal to create an object from a two-dimensional drawing was an incredibly satisfying experience that sparked my passion for making. I have continued to construct forms that contour to the body and come alive when worn, trying to make each detail pertinent and working in an increasingly sculptural manner.
I place value primarily on the care, thought and skill invested in the making of jewellery and the connections people make with it. Jewellery that is treasured as a symbol of meaning deserves this consideration.
My way of working is driven both conceptually and by process. Some pieces seem to grow as I make them, the construction delineating the form. Other works are carefully planned and designed before fabrication begins."

"My early childhood was spent in my family's home town of Puhoi, before moving to Singapore where I lived for seven years. This was a valuable experience that gave me a new perspective on the world around me, living amongst such a diversity of cultures.
On my return to New Zealand I finished secondary school and decided to pursue a career in visual arts. I began a design degree at Unitec and was drawn to jewellery because of its scale and relationship to the body, as well as through a love of making and problem solving with my hands. After graduating in 2001 I spent two years travelling and gaining experience as a jeweller in London, then moved to Switzerland where I spent five months in Zug making my own designs for exhibitions in the atelier of Swiss jeweller Brigitte Moser.
On returning home to Auckland in 2005 I set up my workshop; first at Corban Art Estate, moving to Satellite Gallery in 2006, then in 2008 moving to Workshop 6, and continue to develop my practice as a contemporary jeweller."

From 2015

Mia Straka

Escalier necklace   $1,850
Stg silver, nylon monofilament, silk

From 2013

Mia Straka

Necklace, stg silver, 18ct gold, muka   $1,125
Necklace, stg silver, 18ct gold, dyed muka   $1,125

From 2012

Mia Straka

Gush, necklace   $1,200
Stg silver, embroidery thread, silk cord

Mia Straka

Wishbone Neckpiece   $1,650
Bone, silver

Mia Straka

Wishbone Pendant   $750
Bone, muka

From 2011

Mia Straka

Golden Fleece Necklace   $800
Electroformed silver, paint, dyed muka, oxidised silver

Mia Straka

Wheel Amulet   $750
Oxidised silver, dyed muka

Mia Straka

Spring Necklace   $945

Mia Straka, Zeitgeist Shrapnel

'Desert Gold'  Necklace   2011     $300
Desert Camouflage army surplus fabric, brass

Mia Straka, Zeitgeist Shrapnel

'Slick Black'  Necklace   2011     $300
Rubber, plastic, polyester thread

Mia Straka, Zeitgeist Shrapnel

'Seed'  Necklace   2011     $900
Silver, electroformed plastic, paint, muka, rubber, dirt, quinoa seeds

Mia Straka, Zeitgeist Shrapnel

'33.3g'  Necklace   2011     $1,200
Rubber, brass, muka, oxidised silver

From 2010

Mia Straka

'Drop' Necklace,   $1,790   'Hold" Necklace,   $1,115
Stg silver, oxidised silver

From 2009

Mia Straka

Dribble Necklace   oxidised stg silver   $1,300

Mia Straka

Scribble Brooch/Pendant   stg silver with detachable brooch pin and chain   $565
Spill Brooch   oxidised stg silver   $800

From "Radiate"  2009


1.  Reflect Necklace   $800
Sterling silver, grey cord


2.  Glow Necklace   $800
Sterling silver, red cord


3.  Centre Necklace   $800
Sterling silver, red cord


4.  Cross Necklace   $980
Oxidised sterling silver, embroidery thread


5.  Weave Brooch   $1,250
Sterling silver, red cord


6.  Basket Brooch   $680
Oxidised sterling silver, steel pin


From 2008

1   Brooch   Silver   $375
2   Brooch   9ct yellow gold chenier, oxidised silver   $395
3   Brooch   Oxidised silver   $375
4   Brooch   18ct yellow gold wire, oxidised silver   $440
5   Ring   9ct yellow gold, oxidised silver   $375

From 2007

Shadow brooch   $480
Oxidised sterling silver

From 2006

1,  Moss brooch,  $425,  stg silver
2,  Web brooch,  $480,  oxidised stg silver
3,  Grow brooch,  $225,  oxidised stg silver, 9ct gold
4,  Bud brooch,  $525,  oxidised stg silver, 18ct gold, 9ct gold pin

Mia Straka

1. 'Curve Brooch', silver, $350
2. 'Moss brooch', sterling silver, $380
3. 'Crux Brooch', silver greenstone, $480
4. 'Basket ring', sterling silver, $280

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