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Helen Britton


Helen Britton completed a Master of Fine Arts by research at Curtin University, Western Australia in 1999, which included guest studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich, the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, and San Diego State University in California. In 1999 she returned to Munich to complete a postgraduate study project at the Academy of Fine Arts with Professor Otto Künzli. In 2002 she established her workshop in Munich with David Bielander and Yutaca Minegishi. Her work is held in the National gallery of Australia, in the Pinakothek der Modern, Munich, the Schmuck Museum Pforzheim and in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, among others . In 2005 Helen was awarded the Herbert Hofmann prize for excellence in contemporary jewellery and in 2006 the state prize of Bavaria for craftsmanship. In 2007 Helen Britton was artist in residence in the city of Erfurt, Germany, and in 2008 was invited into Exempla at the International Craft fair in Munich.

Helen Britton

Grey Stripe with Friends,  2012,  necklace
Silver, plastics, paint

Helen Britton

Coldstar,  2012,  necklace
Silver, plastics, paint
(photos Dirk Eisel)

From 2011

Helen Britton

1 Green yellow pink   $2,780
brooch, 2008, silver, paint, diamonds

Helen Britton

2 Coral fortress   $2,780
brooch, 2008, silver, paint, diamonds, plastics

Helen Britton

3 Green with branch   $2,780
brooch, 2008, silver, paint, diamonds

Helen Britton

4 Holding necklace 1   $2,780
silver, plastics, paint

Helen Britton

5 Holding necklace 2   $2,620
silver, plastics, paint

From 2010

Helen Britton

'Diamond Pink' Brooch
Plastic, diamonds, sterling silver, spraypaint


Helen Britton

'Villa' Brooch
Plastic, emeralds, sterling silver, spraypaint


Helen Britton

'Diamond Ring'
Diamond, oxidised silver, spraypaint

Previously in Stock

1.  Flowers and shells, 2007.  Brooch,  silver,  paint.


2.  Orange succulent, 2008.  Brooch,  silver,  paint,  glass,  plastic.


3.  Necklace, 2007.  Silver,  paint.


4.  Green structure, 2006.  Brooch,  silver,  paint,  glass.


5.  Earrings, 2008.  Silver,  diamonds.


6.  Last bird, 2006.  Brooch,  silver,  paint,  onyx,  sapphire.


7,8,9.  Rings, 2008.  Silver,  paint,  diamonds.


10.  Necklace, 2007.  Silver,  paint,  plastic.


11.  Dark flower, 2007.  Brooch,  silver,  paint.


12.  Necklace, 2008.  Silver,  plastic,  paint.


13.  Earrings, 2008.  Silver,  paint.


14.  Brooch, 2005.  Silver,  paint,  synthetic stones.   

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