The Dowse Gold Award Recipients Show

July 4th - 22nd  2011

In 1998 Australian decorative arts patrons David and Barbara Thomas formed a partnership with the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt to offer a unique opportunity for contemporary jewellery artists to explore the properties of this most precious material on a level not usually accessible to them, by establishing the Thomas Foundation Gold Award for Jewellery.

Now in its twelfth year and re-named TheNewDowse Gold Award, the award is offered biennially and is now funded by the Dowse Foundation. The prize consists of $4,000 in cash and $6,000 in gold, some of which is to be used to create the winning design which then becomes part of TheNewDowse collection.

For this exhibition each of the five award recipients have created a small body of work to sit alongside their winning entries.
In addition each participant has selected one other jewellery artist to exhibit with them, with choices based on personal inspiration, use of gold or themes discussing value.

Fingers gratefully acknowledges the generosity of TheNewDowse in making this exhibition possible.

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Pauline Bern

2000 recipient  Pauline Bern
 who selected  Roseanne Bartley
Joanna Campbell

2002 recipient  Joanna Campbell
 who selected  Jane Dodd
Kirsten Haydon

2004 recipient  Kirsten Haydon
 who selected  Robert Baines
Lynn Kelly

2007 recipient  Lynn Kelly
 who selected  Ann Culy
Areta Wilkinson

2009 recipient  Areta Wilkinson
 who selected  Alan Preston