September 13th - 24th  2010

Jasmine Watson

"My jewellery is inspired by floral arabesques, rose windows and ancient eastern mandalas; diagrams of geometric clarity with graceful symmetry and repeating patterns that represent balance, harmony and the infinite. While researching the origins of these objects and images, I became intrigued at the cross cultural influences which can occur, and some of the similarities of symbol and meaning, Mandalam is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning circle.

This series of sterling silver and enamel brooches are made using hand piercing, casting, and the champlevé technique; they combine layered and intricately pierced silhouettes with delicately blended gradients, which can assemble to form elaborate ornamental sequences, repeating to infinity.

Enamelling is an ancient process and is known for its complexities, the beauty of the material and the challenging nature of the process continue to fascinate me." Jasmine Watson 2010

Jasmine Watson

Tile Brooches, 'Mandalam Series'  $2,200 each
silver, champlevé enamel

Jasmine Watson

Untitled Brooches,  'Mandalam Series',  silver, champlevé enamel
lilac  $1,670
green  $1,535
violet  $1,335
red, purple, yellow  $2,085
lavender  $1,335
blue  $1,535
red  $1,835

Jasmine Watson

Tile Brooch 'Mandalam Series'  $2,200

Jasmine Watson

Brooch 'Mandalam Series'  $1,535

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photography by Haruhiko Sameshima
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