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July 16th - 27th  2012

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson
'Nga Mahanga - The Twins'

"My practice of weaving in copper and silver originated from an interest in the form and pattern of raranga whakairo. Combined with my formal training as a jeweller, my work continually evolves primarily incorporating these two art forms.

This current collection of work features pairs of objects - some exhibiting only subtle shifts from their counterparts.
With this new work I wanted to make two pieces at the same time, using the same material, scale and form, but creating each piece with their own subtle differences via the use of pattern. "

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson, May 2012
Matthew McIntyre-Wilson

Armbands  2012  $1,300 each
Materials: copper, fine silver
Diameter 7.5cm, width 6.5cm

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson

"Kete"  2012  $850 each
Materials: copper & fine silver
Width 5cm, height 5cm

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson

"Whetu Raranga"  Brooches  2012  $900 each
Materials: copper, fine silver & oxidised sterling silver
Diameter 7cm

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson

"Whetu"  Brooches  2012  $800 each
Materials: oxidised fine silver & sterling silver
Diameter 5.5cm

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson

"Poi Kura"  Necklaces  2012  $1,200 each
Materials: copper, fine silver, sterling silver, handmade silk thread, ten cent coin & karoro feathers (Larus dominicanus)
Length 42cm, diameter of feather poi 6cm

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson

"Poi Kura"  2012  Reverse

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