October 4th - 15th  2010

Craig McIntosh
New Work

"This body of work continues my exploration of the idea of jewellery as a memento. These mementos are fleeting moments. The snapped end of a plastic spoon dropped on a pavement, a broken lighter washed up on the beach, other unidentifiable knobs and lumps and shards of plastic or glass.

Nothing is irreplaceable.
'Things' are seductive when new. Glossy, sharp edged, crisp. When they are old we tend to buy new things rather than considering repair. We throw out the old 'things' with little thought for where they might end up.

An object such as a plastic cigarette lighter usually has no sentiment attached to it. A smoker will use that lighter every day, more than once a day. The lighter will always be on hand, an intimate part of the paraphernalia of that now unfashionable and unhealthy pleasure. An experienced smoker can locate their lighter and light a cigarette without even thinking about it. The lighter will become an extension of their body. Yet when the lighter fluid is gone the smoker will discard the lighter with very little thought and buy a new one. What was once vital is now irrelevant." Craig McIntosh, 2010


Core Pendant  $355
Greywacke, stg, waxed cord, 3.5cm long

Spoon Pendant  $620
Russian jade, stg, waxed cord, 10cm long

Squashed Pendant  $620
Russian jade, stg, waxed cord, 8.5cm long

Round Jade Brooch  $620
Russian jade, stg, copper, 5.7cm diameter

Round Greywacke Brooch  $620
Greywacke, stg, 5.5cm diameter

Cone Brooch  $530
Russian jade, stg, 5.2cm long, 3.7cm diameter cone

Bent Brooch  $710
Russian jade, stg, 6.5cm wide

Curved Brooch  $710
Russian jade, stg, 9cm wide

Argillite Brooch  $530
Argillite, stg, 7.5cm wide


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