May 19th - 31st  2008


"While still in the Catholic priesthood my stepfather protested in both the Springbok and Bastion Point protests. He was mates with key organisers and with Tom Newnham, whose book "By Batons and Barbed Wire" significantly informed this work.
When those brave men and women stood against New Zealand police and especially the Red Squad, they took with them home made shields of plywood for protection. These shields were often painted and adorned with images and slogans. BIKO!
A series of photographs in Tom's excellent book record the aftermath outside a picket fence belonging to a friend of mine; a group of police batoning a lone protester on the ground, the road strewn with discarded shields, broken glass, a Holden Kingswood turned on its roof, etc.
I want these brooches to celebrate their 'do-it-yourself' ability and courage, and to remind us of our decency and courage as Pakeha.
And my stepfather, a special guy who passed away too young and before all his good work was done here."
Jason Hall, 2008


Nos.  1 - 5a above,  5b - 9 below
Plywood, lime, stg silver, stainless steel
100mm x 30mm
$200 each

Please check for availability, all prices subject to change