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August 6th - 24th  2012

Ingrid van Heusden
Unitec School of Design

"Emilia finally understood what Aunt Sofia had meant about bravery. An unskilled seamstress delivered poorly sewn clothes without trying to hide the mistakes. Good seamstresses felt an attachment to their projects and spent days trying to fix them. Great ones didn't do this. They were brave enough to start over. To admit they'd been wrong, throw away their doomed attempts, and begin again."
The Seamstress by Frances De Pontes Peebles, page 398

"Ingrid brought with her a wealth of varied experiences and many trades. It was gratifying to accompany her on her journey to become a brave jeweller whose work is suffused with her pleasure in community and is deftly spiced with generous dashes of wit and fun."

Ilse-Marie Erl, Lecturer in Contemporary Craft, UNITEC

"Cultural anthropology is really looking at how people bring objects into their life, and the meaning they give them."
Jeremy Moon, founder of Icebreaker

"As a jeweller I am aware of the materials I use and I am concerned with the social and environmental impact of mining and jewellery production. I feel a responsibility in my practice and life style to highlight the connections between mining, metal smithing and responsible material sourcing.

In my mind there seems to be an abundance of materials and objects we have at hand and I became/am conscious that these can be upcycled and placed in the context of jewellery.

Through out our lives we collect objects for many reasons, some are souvenirs from places visited or objects with an intrinsic value given from a loved one to remember happy times, some are sentimental: a child’s first tooth or a pebble from a beach, others are items inherited from family members passed down through time. More often than not these once treasured objects are moved aside for new collections and can become hidden away or lost. With the setting of a treasured material memory into a ring my intention is to enhance the items sentimental value and give it a new life as a wearable object to be enjoyed on a daily basis.

The use of industrial heat shrink plastic tube for attaching a certain memorabilia to the ring shank enables it to be easily removed and changed, facilitating participation and providing a method to create a unique personalised ring, to create a new emotional relationship between the object and the wearer."

Ingrid van Heusden, 2012
Ingrid van Heusden

1 'Make a note'  $280    Sterling silver, wooden pencil, industrial plastic
2 'Burlesque'  $280    Sterling silver, rayon tassel, industrial plastic
3 'Stop it'  $280    Sterling silver, antique glass stopper, industrial plastic

Ingrid van Heusden

4 'Black'  $280    Oxidized sterling silver, synthetic diamond, industrial plastic
5 'Avoid intoxication'  $280    Sterling silver, amethyst crystal, industrial plastic
6 'Sea glass from the sea shore'  $280    Sterling silver, sea glass, industrial plastic

Ingrid van Heusden

7 'Light'  $280    Sterling silver, hand made NZ bees wax candle, industrial plastic
8 'Milk tooth'  Not for sale    Sterling silver, milk tooth, industrial plastic
9 'Rapunzil'  $280    Sterling silver, human hair, industrial plastic

Ingrid van Heusden

10 'Gold coast'  $280    Sterling silver, Australian brick, gold leaf, industrial plastic
11 'Road works'  $280    Sterling silver, volcanic rock, industrial plastic
12 'Vase'  $280    Sterling silver, glass, industrial plastic

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