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August 6th - 24th  2012

Eileen Leahy
Hungry Creek Art & Craft School

"As a recent graduate, Eileen has developed and produced a body of work which shows a sensibility and understanding of the materials concepts she is engaged with. We nominated Eileen for the graduate show, because she showed the determination and commitment needed for a sustained and informed practice as an emerging maker.

Thanks to Fingers for their support, an important and necessary contribution to the development of new graduates."

Shane Hartdegen, Head of Department, Jewellery

"The basis for this body of work has its foundations in my childhood. My intention is that the viewer can also attach their own memories to the jewellery, or use their imaginations to create their own personal attachment with each object.

My work focuses on interaction; interaction within the composition of the individual components of each piece, and also, the viewer's interpretation of the meaning or story behind each piece. My jewellery is tactile. It is meant to be touched and to be connected with in a way that is physical - through wearing and holding. I like to experiment with shapes, textures and the flat and three dimensional, creating juxtapositions with the materials i use. Repetition, solid and hollow forms, bright colours, and layering enhance the visual appeal. Textures and surfaces play a major role in my jewellery as touching and interacting with the work is so important. My intention is to make wearable objects which are visually intriguing and which also provide enjoyment for both the viewer and the wearer."

Eileen Leahy, 2012
Eileen Leahy

'Scuttle' necklace   $600
Sterling silver, rubber, polyurethane, found objects

Eileen Leahy

'Remnants' brooch   $380
Polyurethane, found objects, steel pin

Eileen Leahy

'Midsummers Morning' brooch   NFS
Copper, polyurethane, found objects, acrylic paint, steel pin

Eileen Leahy

'Conical' brooch   $380
Polyurethane, steel pin, found objects

Eileen Leahy

'Crustacea' brooch   $600
Sterling silver, polyurethane, acrylic paint, found objects

Eileen Leahy

'Foam Bloom' necklace   $480
Sterling silver, polyurethane, rubber, acrilic paint, found objects

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