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August 6th - 24th  2012

Sinead Jury
Manukau School of Visual Arts

"Melt, drill, thread, knit, dip, layer, twist, bend, string, wrap, coat, drip, flatten, squish, form, tie, arrange, collect, repeat, attach, knot..."

Sinead Jury, 2012
Sinead Jury

#1 Necklace  2012  $190
Cotton and acrylic yarn, plasti-dip

Sinead Jury

#2 Necklace  2012  $355
Gold twist ties, enamel paint, plasti-dip and cord

Sinead Jury #3 Necklace  2012  $355
Plastic pegs, plasti-dip and red wax cord

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» Vanessa Arthur, Whitireia Polytechnic
» Bianca Burgess-Heald, Otago Polytechnic
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» Ingrid van Heusden, Unitec School of Design

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