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August 6th - 24th  2012

Bianca Burgess-Heald
Otago Polytechnic

"For her graduate work Bianca (A.K.A. B) made choker necklaces from dead bumble bees. Some of the bees didn’t look so dead, it was tough jewellery to wear. B is fond of horror movies - fear, aversion, revulsion, compulsion, obsession, power, control - dark beauty."

Andrew Last, Studio Coordinator: Jewellery & Metalsmithing

"Attraction and danger is a focal point within my jewellery practice.

In juxtaposing the flower with the use of pollutive and damaging materials, my work questions the relationship of beauty and the monstrous. Beauty is the monster.

Based on principles of carnivorous plants, the works from Fuchsia Deleterious attract and consume. Carnivorous and toxic, challenging wearability and the gaze, they introduce ideas of the hybrid and other."

Bianca Burgess-Heald, 2012
Bianca Burgess-Heald

Fuchsia Deleterious# 1  2012,    $360
Bianca Burgess-Heald Fuchsia Deleterious# 2  2012,    $360
Bianca Burgess-Heald Fuchsia Deleterious# 3  2012,    $360

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