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August 6th - 24th  2012

Vanessa Arthur
Whitireia Polytechnic

"Whitireia NZ short-listed Vanessa Arthur for the Whitireia Fingers Prize because of her quirky urban ideas, innovative design and use of unusual materials in her jewellery. In her mid-year exhibition at Thistle Hall, Wellington Vanessa produced photographs of street workers and jewellery situated on old ripped fly-posters to make urban statements referencing decay and renewal.

The final decision to award the 2011 Whitireia Fingers Prize to Vanessa was made by the highly esteemed artist - Karl Fritsch.
Following this success Vanessa was awarded the 'artist of the year' at Toi Poneke, Wellington."

Peter Deckers
Jewellery coordinator and tutor

"My work explores the permanence & impermanence of our surroundings. The passage of time within the urban landscape and our intervention with it, consciously or not.

I explore the in-between spaces, photographing and collecting materials orphaned and replaced by this evolving cycle.

I aim to capture moments, snapshots of this constantly changing fa├žade. While creating jewellery which will continue to transform and reveal when worn."

Vanessa Arthur, 2012
Vanessa Arthur

'For Lease' Necklace (Reversible)  $580
Reclaimed wood, dowel, laminate, steel, paint, plastic, billed poster, city dust, 925 silver

Vanessa Arthur

'For Lease' Necklace

Vanessa Arthur

'Tomorrows next best thing' Brooch  $340
Reclaimed wood, paint, mesh, 925 silver, brass, city dust

Vanessa Arthur

'Tomorrows next best thing' Brooch

Vanessa Arthur

'Space between' Necklace  $580
Reclaimed laminate, billed poster, city dust, plastic, paint, brass, 925 silver, 9ct rose gold

Vanessa Arthur

'Hasten or Halt' Ring II  $480  925 silver, bronze, brass, 9ct rose gold, paint
'Hasten or Halt' Ring  $380  925 silver, bronze, brass, paint

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