August 1st - 12th  2011

Whitireia Polytechnic
2011 Graduating Students Award Recipient

Jessica Winchcombe


"Jessica Winchcombe has great potential as an international maker to watch. She has an energy rarely seen and has reached a maturity in her work, which is taking her to new heights.

One of our own criteria that we attached to that of Fingers', involved an assessment of how the student had progressed from their mid-year solo show, to their graduation show at the completion of the year. Jess has done that with the most impact.

Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker (co-judges) agreed without any doubts, saying impressively, that Jessica’s new work is completely unique, stands alone, works very well as a cohesive body of work, works well on the body and has an international quality."
Peter Deckers, Whitireia Polytechnic Jewellery Programme leader

"Jessica Winchcombe is a contemporary jeweller who enjoys pushing boundaries. Jessica's concept explores exciting new materials for a fresh visual impact. In this body of work, Winchcombe has been researching a range of ideas surrounding armour and protection mechanisms. "Practical defence elements and their social implications intrigue me, from a beetles defence mechanism or a costume we can hide behind, to leather battle armour".

The precious elements in Jessica's work are semi-hidden in order to provide a context by which the outer protective forms can be glorified. The true narrative of this work is focussing on the protector rather than the protected."
Jessica Winchcombe, 2011
Jessica Winchcombe

1.  Innocence   $4,420
14ct yellow gold, white kid fur, white pearls

Jessica Winchcombe

2.  The Protector   $570
Silver, blue distressed leather, resin

Jessica Winchcombe

3.  The Natural   $1,420
14ct yellow gold, purple pearl, gold painted worn down brown leather

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