AUGUST 2nd - 13th  2010

2010 Graduating Students Award

Kristin Toller

Unitec School of Design


"InsideOUT aims to explore the boundaries between jewellery and garment through the techniques and materials used in the construction of undergarments.
Traditional crochet and knitting techniques are used in order to ask the question, how far can a piece of jewellery go before it becomes a garment?"
Kristin Toller 2010
Kristin Toller

'Toe'  $375

Kristin Toller

'Stitch'  $450

Kristin Toller

'Ruffled Neckpiece'  $475

'Neckpiece'  $300

Kristin Toller

'Neckpiece2'  $475

Kristin Toller

'Body'  $250
All pieces are made from nylon stockings

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