June 28th - July 17th  2010

The Compendium Finale
of Contemporary Jewellers

PAGE 1   Fran Allison, Pauline Bern, Renee Bevan
PAGE 2   David Bielander, Sandra Bushby, Stella Chrysostomou, Octavia Cook
PAGE 3   Mary Curtis, Andrea Daly, Peter Deckers, Jane Dodd
PAGE 4   Warwick Freeman, Karl Fritsch, Kirsten Haydon
PAGE 5   Dianne McFarlane, Victoria McIntosh, Tatjana Panyoczki, Alan Preston
PAGE 6   Lisa Walker, Anna Wallis, Areta Wilkinson, Johanna Zellmer

Mary Curtis

Mary Curtis

White Brooch   $1,500
Stg silver, silk, cotton, Stainless wire
Pink and Gold Brooch   $1,200
Stg silver, wallpaper, resin, stainless wire

Andrea Daly

Andrea Daly
Rescued $2 Jewellery

Two Way Ring   $500
$2.00 Ring, felt, glass beads, thread
Brooch   $500
$2 brooch, felt, stg silver, thread

Peter Deckers

Peter Deckers
My Comment Series

1  Page 481 Comment, series 1a, brooch   $420
jewellery findings, resin, sterling silver
2  Page 481 Comment, series 1b, brooch   $420
jewellery findings, Synthetic stones, resin, sterling silver
3  Page 481 Comment, series 1c, brooch   $420
jewellery findings, resin, sterling silver
4  Page 481 Comment, series 2, brooch   $420
resin, sterling silver

Jane Dodd

Jane Dodd

1  Rebel Bear   $1,980
Sterling silver, lignum vitae, tourmaline
2  The Old Chopping Block   $580
18ct gold, bog oak, sterling silver

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