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Chris Charteris

Chris Charteris has been a prolific maker of jewellery as well as sculpture since the mid1980s. Of Kiribati and Fijian heritage, his practice has been influenced by his early training as a carver, and polynesian forms, traditional tools, ceremonial objects, patterns, taonga and body adornment are natural sources of contemplation and design.

"My main focus with my carving is that I create work which is unique to myself, which has qualities of the old world and the new. There are aspects of my work that go beyond interpretation; this is the realm of feeling where the material itself expresses its own life energy. A primary source for my creativity comes from the love for the materials I use. I have a deep connection with them. When there is a relationship, nature reveals her secrets and you are able to develop an understanding of things you otherwise might not be open to. When it comes to my work there is no single meaning I can identify; the forms and patterns I use can and do have multiple layers. Then it is the viewer's journey and their navigation".

From 2020

Pounamu from Big Bay South Westland Mugimugi – Muka dyed with Kanono/ Raurekau from Coromandel (necklace)   $3,200

From 2019

Chris Charteris

Hei Toki, Pounamu, Big Bay South Westland.   $1,840
Hei punga, Tangiwai (Bowenite), Anita Bay Fiordland.   $1,035

From 2018

Chris Charteris

Pendant. Gold lip mother of pearl, waxed nylon   $840

Chris Charteris

Pendant. Mother of pearl, pounamu, whalebone, jarrah, black coral, waxed nylon   $1,000

From 2017

Chris Charteris

'Nga Tipa' Scallop shells, coconut fibre, nylon   $900

From 2015

Chris Charteris

Manawa Pounamu   $740
Manawa Lapis Lazuli   $1,200
Manawa Pounamu   $800

Chris Charteris

'Manawa Pounamu'
Left $670, centre $700, right $670
Pounamu, cord

From 2014

Chris Charteris

Reel Necklace   $2,000
Sperm whale tooth, coconut fibre- mugi-mugi

Chris Charteris

1 Untitled Pounamu, South Westland  $670

Chris Charteris

2 Untitled Pounamu, South Westland  $670

Chris Charteris

3 Untitled Pounamu, South Westland  $500

From 2013

Chris Charteris

Pendant   $1,000
Pounamu, cord

From 2012

Chris Charteris

'Sculpture on a string' # 1   $670   Quartz, colour changed by the naturally occurring oxide,   Bluff, Southland
'Sculpture on a string' # 2   $500   Argillite, colour changed by the naturally occurring oxide,   Bluff, Southland

From 2010

Chris Charteris

Beach stone necklace   $1,000
Granite, muka

From 2009

Chris Charteris

1   Hei Matau,   Pounamu from Westland, Aotearoa   $1,667
2   Hei Matau,   Pounamu from South Westland, Aotearoa   $584

From 2008

Hei Matau   $1,667
Pounamu, South Westland and Arahura


Argillite pendants, paint,  $335 each


Pounamu pendants, (South Westland,  $670 each

From 2004

"There is a certain satisfaction exploring rhythm when doing repetitious work.
No matter where you live in the world we all work to universal rhythms."
Chris Charteris, 2004

Te Kouma Pohatu, Basalt Breastplate, Waiwawa river,  $800

Golden Lei, Paper Oysters, Kaiaua,  $1000

Pacific Celebration, Dyed Bone, Nylon, Mother of Pearl  $900

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