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Brian Adam


From 2018

Brian Adam

Ring - Mosaic; lapis lazuli, riverstones, 24k, silver 35x27   $800
PENDANT - Mosaic; lapis lazuli, chrysoprase, 24k, silver 37x30, 60cm chain   $800
PENDANT - Mosaic tri-mandorla; lapis lazuli, chrysoprase, riverstones, silver, 32mm, 60cm chain   $850
Ring- Chrysoprase, silver 32x24   $700
Ring - Chrysoprase with matrix, silver 31x22   $700
Ring - Mosaic; chrysoprase, lapis lazuli, 24k, silver 36x21   $800

From 2017

Brian Adam

Pastel series rings
Chrysoprase, stg silver, size O½   $800
Prehnite, stg silver, size N   $800
Citrine triangle, stg silver, size P   $900
Chrysoprase, stg silver, size Q    $800

Brian Adam

14mm diameter earstuds with pure silver settings, $180 each
Chrysoprase pastel, Chrysoprase green, Pounamu with red,
Lapis flat with red, Lapis mountain with red, Chrysoprase pastel,
Chrysoprase green, Pounamu, Lapis rough, Prehnite pastel, Lapis with red

From 2016

Brian Adam

Retro Redback - Pendant   $330
Retro Redbacks - Paua   $200
Retro Redbacks - Paua   $185
Retro Redbacks - Pearl   $130

From 2015

Brian Adam

Blue Dot Ring   $725
Lapis stone and dust, gold dust, 30mm disc, size Q1/2

Brian Adam

Blue Dot Ring,   Lapis stone and dust, gold dust, 30mm disc, Q1/2   $725
Blue Brick Window,   Lapis stone and dust, gold dust, 35x30mm, U   $725
Green Wall Ring,   Chrysoprase, gold dust, 35x25mm oval, O1/2   $725
Green Wall Ring,   Chrysoprase, gold dust, 28mm disc, N1/2   $725
Alpine Ring,   NZ jade, gold dust, 32x24mm oval, Q1/2   $725
Alpine Ring   NZ jade, gold dust, 30mm disc, Q   $725

Brian Adam

'Treetrunk Ring', stg   $250 each

Brian Adam

'Afghan Remnant' ring, 26mm dia, lapis lazuli   $600
'Afghan Remnant' ring, 33x17mm, lapis lazuli   $600
'Afghan Remnant' ring, 33x22mm, lapis lazuli   $600

Brian Adam

'Schubert' eyeglasses, 14k gold   $3,000
Photography: Brian Adam

From 2014

Brian Adam

'Skinny' Leather spectacles fitted with +1.50 close-up lenses   $400

From 2013

Brian Adam

Rockhound Series, rings, sterling silver, stones  $340
Photography: Brian Adam

From 2011

Brian Adam

'Fallen Heroes' series, clockwise from top
1 Brick, pendant   $110   brick, copper, cord
2 Mortar, pendant   $110   mortar, copper, cord
3 Concrete, pendant   $110   concrete, copper, cord
4 Rock, pendant   $110   rock, copper, cord
5 Road metal, pendant   $147   road metal, copper, cord
6 NZ beach jasper, pendant   $147   NZ beach jasper, copper, cord
7 Bronze rock, pendant   $165   bronze rock, copper, cord 8 Skin of Pounamu, pendant   $165   pounamu, copper, cord
9 Nephrite of Canada, pendant   $165 nephrite (Canada), copper, cord
Photography Brian Adam

From 2010

Brian Adam

'Silver Feather', fascia series Rx frame   $1800
stg sil, nylon   (photo Brian Adam)

From 2009

Brian Adam
Jade Stories

1   'Raining in Rarotonga'   NZ stone, stg   $1,650
2   'Untitled'   NZ stone, stg   $750
3   'Field'   NZ stone, stg   $750

Brian Adam

4   'Turret' cufflinks,   seashells, stg   $266
5   'Cockle' cufflinks,   seashells, stg   $266
6   'Pipi' cufflinks,   seashells, stg   $266

From 2008

Riverton Rocks Necklace   $600
Tiny embedded pebbles, sterling.  Cable: fine silver wound on st/steel.


From 2007

1   'Beach Jade' Ring   $360
     Sterling silver, fine silver, NZ nephrite jade
2   'Beach Jade' Ring   $360
     Sterling silver, fine silver NZ nephrite jade
3   'Beach Jade' Ring   $360
     Sterling silver, fine silver, NZ nephrite jade

adam # 1

Silver eyeglasses, made to order

adam # 2

#751, NZ stones, silver, $665

adam # 6

Beetlewing earrings, NZ jade, silver, $188/pr

adam # 4

NZ jade ring, 30mm dia, $430

adam # 5

Paua shell ring, 30mm dia, $340

adam # 3

#752, 22k gold ring, approx $1500

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