September 3rd - 17th  2011

Renee Bevan

'Zeitgeist Shrapnel'

Lighthearted,  2011     $600
Silver electroformed balloon, nylon coated silver wire, silver, spraypaint

Something, nothing; life, breath; all puffed out.
Holding on for dear life. Don't leave me deflated. Don't blow things up. Don't let me down. Let me be.
Light hearted.

What you see is what you get,  2011     $360
3D hologram plastic sheet, silk cord, oxidised silver

What you see is what you get,  2011     $360
3D hologram plastic sheet, silk cord, oxidised silver

I am interested in ones perception of the world.
The world deserves close attention; but too often the illusion, myth, a distraction, reality draws you away.
This work is a play on looking, seeing, viewing. What's real? What's not? What's seen? What's there?
They say insight is better than eyesight. What sits on the surface, what lies beneath?
They say seeing is believing; they also say nothing is certain. 'What you see is what you get'.

Big world, little world,  2011     $500
Silver electroformed plastic, rubber, spray paint, oxidised silver, silk cord

The world is filled with big worlds and little worlds. Macro worlds; Micro worlds.
Little worlds lead to big worlds. Big worlds lead to little worlds.
The size of the worlds we see are all relative to us and therefore determine what we see, feel and know.
I recently read in national geographic that one man could spend his lifetime of work exploring the tiny world that exists around the trunk of a single tree. The Micro world.
NASA will spend many lifetimes exploring the enormity of the universe. The Macro world.
Then there are Micro and Macro spaces in between, the micro worlds within ones hand, the Macro worlds within the landscape. The world and all of existence is such a big space.
Horton hears a Who! Dr Seuss's Horton with big ears and an even bigger heart discovers the 'Who's'; a tiny world which is entirely like Horton's but remains unseen because it exists on a speckle of dust.
This makes one think; are we the macro world or the micro world? Or perhaps both.
Upon a recent visit to Melbourne I discovered many big worlds and little worlds. Watching those walking down the busy street around me I noticed how much people ignored any world other than their own. This is a tool and also a reminder, a necklace to take on journeys so one can see, feel and experience all the worlds that surround us.
Jonathan Safran Foer writes 'the world is a big placeā€¦ but so is the inside of this apartment!
So's this! He said, pointing at this head'.

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