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June 25th - July 6th  2012

Rachel Bell

"In 2011 I completed a Masters of Design. This current body of work is a continuing exploration of the palette and repertoire of materials developed during that period of study.

In 'Post' I am utilising materials that I associate with my rural background (including rabbit, knitting needles, linen, gorse and willow), considering notions of home and place while investigating further the combination of natural and traditionally precious materials in a jewellery format."

Rachel Bell, May 2012

Post Necklace,  May 2012  $225
Cotton, plastic, wood (Australian hardwood and pine). Red/orange beads

Post Necklaces,  May 2012  $225
Cotton, plastic, wood (puriri and pine with blue/green beads, totara and pine with yellow beads)

Necklace for a New Zealand Farmer,  May 2012  $230
Gorse, leather, rabbit fur, sterling silver

Necklaces for New Zealand Farmers,  May 2012  $230 each
Gorse, leather, rabbit fur, sterling silver

Spoon Necklaces,  May 2012  $220 each
Linen, sterling silver, wax, wood (willow)

Cottage Pearls, knotted strand  June 2012  $375
Cotton, sterling silver, wood (willow)

Cottage Pearls,  June 2012  Single loop strand  $355,  plain strand  $350
Cotton, sterling silver, wood (willow)

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