July 18th - 30th  2005

Karl Fritsch
blind diamonds and rough rubies

"In George Perec's novel A Void, which he wrote entirely without the letter 'e', there's a story about a ring. Perec compares it to a scab, because it has almost become part of the body with age and wear. Karl Fritsch's rings have that quality. It's like inverse alchemy. He uses precious materials and turns them into childish, rough objects that look like they've come out of a candy machine. They're so immediate you can see the fingerprints. A Karl Fritsch ring is like an heirloom, something your great-grandmother might have worn."
Francis Upritchard

No 3, silver

No 9, silver

No 10, oxidised silver

No 11, steel

No 12, oxidised silver, rubies

No 13, oxidised silver, brown diamond

No 14, 18ct gold, pink sapphire

No 15, 18ct gold, diamonds

No 21, silver, rubies

No 22, 18ct gold, diamond

No 23, 18ct gold, diamonds, ruby, sapphire

No 24, 18ct gold, rubies

No 25, 18ct gold, rubies

No 26, 18ct gold, rubies

No 28, 18ct gold, brown diamond

No 29, stg silver (blackened), sapphire

No 30, stg silver, ruby, white sapphire

No 31, stg silver, yellow sapphire

No 32, stg silver (blackened), sapphire

No 33, stg silver (blackened)

No 34, stg silver (blackened), rubies

No 35, stg silver (blackened)

No 38, stg silver (blackened), rubies

No 39, stg silver, blue and white sapphire

No 40, stg silver (blackened), ruby


No 41, stg silver (blackened), sapphires

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