February 14th - 26th,  2005

Pauline Bern
The Ring Project

"I have re-viewed my local environment as a resource, selecting from the beach worn fragments of Waitemata papa, weathered pohutukawa and man-made remnants for intervention and transformation, reassessing the banal.
Made from structures and materials susceptible to wear and tear the rings are as vulnerable as the relationships they so often represent. Care must be taken: unlike the timeless durability of the convention of gold and diamonds, these rings may act as a reminder of the fragility of our emotions and interactions."
Pauline Bern, 2005
72 Rings assembled from:
Materials off the beach: Waitemata Papa (layered sandstone, mudstone), scoria, pohutukawa wood, glass & ceramic shards.
Combined with: gold (22ct, 18ct, 9ct), fine & sterling silver, mokume gane, diamond, mudstone, sapphire, heat shrink plastic, nylon filament, steel cable, paint, epoxy.
Rings with Precious metals or stones $300
Rings without $200


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