July 4th - 16th  2005

Brian Adam
Finger Rings

"These ring forms come from their process. I added bit of natural force, pressure, heat, gravity and steam, to the material's own properties to shape the objects."
Brian Adam, 2005
Pillow Rings
"A soft pillow for a precious gem is made by gently applying 15 tons of pressure."

1. iolite, 24k gold+silver, size K, $430
2. emerald, 24k gold+silver, size K 1/2, $625
3. amethyst, 24k gold+silver, size L 1/2, $400
4. chrysoprase, 24k gold+silver, size Q, $480
5. moonstone, 24k gold+silver, size N, $430
6. garnet, 22k gold, size S 1/2, $880
7. moonstone, fine/sterling silver, size L, $250

Claw Baby Rings
"A faceted gemstone is set in cartoon claws. Made in modeling wax and sling cast."
Coloured CZs, sterling silver, $250each.

8. CZ clear, size L
9. CZ yellow, size K
10. CZ purple, size N
11. CZ red, size Q 1/2

Tree Trunk Rings
"Molten silver metal is poured into a hole in a tree trunk. Each ring comes out with a different variety of hiccups. Naturally born, they require no further human intervention."  $120 each

12. size J
13. size J 1/2
14. size J 1/2
15. size O
16. size P 1/2

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