September 29 - October 11  2003


"As a boy of 10, I looked for the first time at gemstones in my father's workshop. I was intrigued by them, excited by both their colour and sparkle. And from then on I tried to be present whenever a gem merchant called to offer his wares. I always wished that my father would choose the largest and most precious stones. Sometimes he did, but more often than not, his choice was pragmatic.

On becoming a goldsmith myself, I learned many facts about stones: their chemical composition, their physical build-up and properties, their crystal structure and optical effects. I went to the mountains myself and found perfectly formed crystals.

Now, after nearly 50 years of working with gems, I have not lost my initial wonder at their colour and sparkle. Gemstones are very old but they don't age, a ruby today is as red as it was thousands of years ago and as it will continue to be in thousands of years. Its extraordinary hardness protects it from decay. Amazing.

After retiring from regular work over a year ago, I was offered some gems of extraordinary quality. I could not resist. I did as I had always wanted my father to do. I bought the most beautiful of them and added them to a small collection of special gems that I had acquired over many years. Making the appropriate rings for these special stones has become my main jewellery project this year. I try to make rings that are sympathetic to their stones, enhance them, but are not completely dominated by them and retain their own character of being "my" rings.

I have now completed a number of these rings. I am pleased with the results and am happy to exhibit them and offer them for sale in this small display at Fingers. I invite you to view these special rings, and hope you derive a similar pleasure from them as I do."
Kobi Bosshard

All rings handmade in 18ct yellow gold

Amethyst, 10.43ct, 26/01/03 $3,700

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 1

Tourmaline, 8.9ct, 8/03/03 $4,100

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 2

Sapphire, 3.0ct, 2/04/03 $13,000

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 3

Tourmaline cab, 20.99ct, 6/04/03 $4,300

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 4

Peridot, 5.23ct, 28/04/03 $3,200

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 5

Garnet (spessartite), 11.44ct, 28/06/03 $5,300

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 6

Emerald cab, 4.27ct, 09/07/03, $2,800

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 7

Aquamarine, 5.5ct, 30/07/03, $12,000

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 8

Citrine, 22.5ct, 27/08/03, $5,500

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 9

Ruby, 1.3ct, 02/09/03, $8,700

Kobi Bosshard, ring no 10