April 13 - 24,  2004

Belinda Hager, Lynn Kelly, Elfi Spiewack

"We've often looked at group exhibitions and wondered 'why that group of people?'
When we decided to do a show for the pleasure of working together, we felt the 'why us?' was still important for the viewer to understand. Our work is very different, so our theme had to be one that we each felt comfortable with and reflected who we are. We looked at all the possible points of interest for commonalities. In doing so we realised that, of course, we shared all the same ideas - because we're friends who were drawn together by common interests, beliefs, political views and senses of humor. It ultimately seemed more appropriate that the 'why us?' was because of us.
These works represent our personal views on friendship, amongst the three of us, and in general."Belinda, Lynn, Elfi, 2004


"Words are the way to find and keep friends. They happen over coffee, tea, wine, beer and even chocolate! Or the old-fashioned way, written and through a letterbox - what a treat!"

1, HOPS Necklace, stg silver and rubber $320

2, DEAR FRIEND Brooch, fine gold and stg silver $210

3, COFFEE Brooch, stg silver and garnet $400

5, FLOWER LETTER Necklace, stg silver and aluminium $320

6, COLA NUT Brooch, stg silver and aluminium $360

7, WORDS Pendant, stg silver and rubber $340

8, "PINNED TO" Brooch, stg silver and mexican opal $230

9, WORD Earrings, 22ct gold $310

10, COFFEE Brooch, stg silver $210

11, TEA Brooch, stg silver $210

12, GRAPES Brooch, stg silver $210

13, COCOA Brooch, 22ct gold and stg silver $495


"All these pieces have one or two matching parts which obviously belong together but also entirely work on their own. Working towards this exhibition I enjoyed the idea of how these pieces might meet: from the accidential meeting on the street when owned by strangers, to friends who each time thay see each other wearing the matching pieces, are reminded of their bond."

14, Brooch, stg silver $425
15, Pendant, stg silver and garnet $320

16, Brooch, stg silver $360
17, Ring, stg silver $350
18, Pendant, stg silver and peridot $290

19, Brooch, stg silver $370
20, Ring, stg silver $360

21, Brooch, stg silver $360
22, Ring, stg silver $360

23, Brooch, stg silver $390
24, Brooch, stg silver $290

25, Pendant, stg silver and aquamarine $260
26, Brooch, stg silver $340
27, Ring, stg silver $300

28, Brooch, stg silver $370
29, Ring, stg silver $270


"I see friendships as an interweaving of common interests, values and ideas. Those I hold most dear are characterised by humour, spontaneity, flexibility and strength. These magnetic pieces reflect those qualities, as well as providing a potential challenge - which can also be said of relationships!"

30, Stg silver, niobium, steel and magnets $580

31, Stg silver, titanium, steel and magnets $540

32, Stg silver, jasper, magnets, steel $520

33 Stg silver, magnets and linen $320

34, Stg silver, steel, magnets and plastic $320

35, Stg silver, steel, magnets and plastic $340

36, Stg silver, steel, magnets and plastic $280

37, Steel, magnets and plastic $200

39, Magnets, plastic and linen $180